Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why am I so nonchalant about my race tomorrow??

I am running a 15K race tomorrow and I don't feel much differently than the day before a long run. I guess, in a way, this really is just a training run to get ready for the half marathon in August. I should be eating more carbs and drinking more fluids and it really is like any other day.

My friend Jen said that she looked up last year's times and it is a really fast field. The 9-minute-mile runners fell right into the middle of the pack. Darn! I was hoping that it would be a tiny local race like the one we did in March. I placed third in my age division running at 9:39 per mile. I don't think I will fare as well in this race. In fact, my time (1:29) was 37th out of 59 women in my age group. Oh well.... my main goal is to run faster than 89 minutes. I better go drink some water and have a bagel :-)

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! You're running really great right now, you'll do awesome.

Good tip on looking at the field beforehand, I need to do that so I don't feel so bad when I drift backward in the pack.

tifferbob said...

Have a good run!


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