Thursday, July 17, 2008

What happened to 'runner's high??'

I had a pretty decent run this morning with a mixture of hills, sprint intervals and a whole lot of sweat. Why am I grumpy and short-tempered??? Shouldn't the endorphines kick in and help things roll off my back?

I have a list of possible causes/contributing factors to my crappy mood (stealing Terri's writing tool *sheepish grin*):
  1. I have been waking up prior to 5:45 a.m. the last three days. [I haven't made up for the early hour with an earlier bedtime].
  2. My children have conspired together to fight with each other every chance they get today.
  3. My two-year-old has decided that screaming and crying is an acceptable form of communication.
  4. My four-year-old thinks that biting his sister hard enough to leave a mark is an acceptable form of communication.
  5. While I don't keep track of these things like I should the way I used to... I am pretty sure that I am a few days from getting "IT."
  6. I mistakenly thought it was a good idea to allow two children under five be out of the cart, running amok in Target.
  7. Black beans+ two-year-old+once-cute sundress= more work for Mommy.
  8. A bowl of black beans falling off a table in a restaurant will always land upside-down.
  9. Two-year-olds don't understand that you can't eat food once it is on the floor of a restaurant. [when told of said rule, said two-year-old vocally protests--- ah, the other people around us surely loved it when we left. Luckily, it was only a casual Mexican place]
  10. I can't stop sweating. [I am not sure if it is super humid or what, but I am HOT today. note: we don't begin to compare with the humidity in areas much further east of here, thank goodness. I hated the summer humidity when I lived in the Midwest].
  11. Yelling at my kids makes me feel like a horrible mom. [It's a vicious cycle]
  12. My best friend just had a baby and I selfishly miss her. [Don't get me wrong, I am more than THRILLED for her and love that precious little Devon. She just has her hands full with transitioning to two kids, having house guests, and a parade of well-wishers. We haven't had our fix of long chats on the phone, vanilla lattes and watching our daughters terrorize each other (to be perfectly honest, it is usually my daughter terrorizing hers)].
  13. I am having a hard time getting excited about my weekday runs. [I am terribly bored of my neighborhood. With the insane hills, there aren't too many options for variety and there isn't much to run to outside of our little community. I could drive somewhere, but the closest nice place to run is about 15 minutes from here. I can't seem to get up early enough to get a good run and the 1/2 hour drive time ].

Sorry for the whiny post. I hope to snap out of it soon. I feel bad for KG and the kids. Luckily for KG, he hasn't been around much to experience my mood (hey, maybe that is #14). But he has seen the disaster that is our home since I am not in the mood to clean or put away laundry. I do worry that he'll think that I need to cut down on my running. This is the first week my legs have been healthy enough to get all my mileage in. I should be thrilled that I am finally following my plan. I seriously doubt I am over training since I haven't even run 20 miles yet this week. I don't want a bout of grumpiness and lethargy to derail me.

WAIT! My mood is already picking up. I just heard the sound of two kids giggling uncontrollably...playing together! That sounds cures most ills.....


Anonymous said...

No worries at all about the list style - you do it well!

I don't know how you do it - when I see people with kids that are grumpy or acting out, I don't know how the parents don't just lose it too. I think you can cut yourself a lot of slack this week.

I'm finally back to reading blogs, yay!

tamara said...

I feel like a bad mom when I yell, too. And you are right... it is a vicious cycle. I am just glad to see that someone else's life closely resembles my own.

Luvkids334 said...

I'm telling ya, it's the full moon, it's on it's way out and your mood will improve dramatically.
Not even kidding.


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