Friday, July 11, 2008

So which marathon to do??

I have decided that I really want to run another marathon. I don't want to wait too long, but I am also not ready right now.

It needs to meet certain travel and time requirements (since my hubby has already supported my endeavor quite a bit). It needs to either be:
a) local, so it only takes up a day or so.
b) someplace where I can travel (cheaply) for a weekend by myself.
c) it is someplace where Kenny wants to go for a weekend or vacation.

I suggested a marathon in Florida and Kenny wasn't too enthusiastic about travelling that far away. He gets limited vacation time and has his own ideas of how he wants to spend it. I respect that. I would love to find a fun place for us to go as a family and just happen to have a cool race at the same time. Hmmm....

Here are some races I am thinking about:
1) Portland Marathon
pros: I have lots of family there (mom, dad, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews...). I would have a place to stay and people to cheer for me. I LOVE downtown Portland. It is relatively close and I might be able to find a cheap flight. It looks like a really neat marathon. It has a Rock-n-Roll Marathon (they claim to be the original) feel to it with many bands playing along the way.
cons: It's in early October (that's only a few months away). The weather in Portland is very iffy (it is likely I would be running in the rain). I would probably have to go without my hubby and kids because of costs (especially since we'll be flying there for Christmas).

2) Las Vegas Marathon
pros: It's Vegas, baby! Kenny would probably make a weekend out of it with me. We have a gift certificate to the Bellagio that we haven't used. We could easily drive. We might be able to talk friends into coming with us. It is in December, which seems like good timing (long enough to get the training done, and done before the holidays)
cons: It's Vegas. The scenery isn't that inspiring (I suppose it might be cool to run down the strip though, but I have seen the strip many times). I won't be able to enjoy Vegas with my hubby like I normally would (drinks, rich food etc.)

3) Carlsbad Marathon
pros: It is local. I can wake up Sunday morning, drive to Carlsbad (even though it is close to an hour away from where I live) and be home in the afternoon. Even if I can't talk friends into running the marathon with me, I am sure I can find people to run the half marathon.
cons: The half marathon looks way more fun than the marathon. The course does nothing for me. It is several branches of 'out-and-backs.' Seriously, they couldn't have been more creative with the course?

Any thoughts? Suggestions? I have also considered PF Chang's RNR Marathon in Phoenix as well (it's within driving distance), but I don't believe that Kenny would go with me, so I think I would be on my own....


Anonymous said...

Do the Las Vegas one! I live here, so we could say hello! I'm either going to volunteer at that marathon or run the 1/2. Since I have the San Antonio marathon in November I don't want to attempt the full on this one, Also because...

I am pretty sure that I'm going to do the PF Chang's RnR in Phoenix in January too. That's a fun one and I liked the course when I did it this year.

Kristin said...

I've heard the Portland Marathon is really nice (and iPod friendly). Additionally, have you thought about the Tucson Marathon (December)? I don't have any personal experience, but I read about it in Pam Reed's book, The Extra Mile (she's the race director), and it sounds rather appealing, and mostly downhill!

Alissa said...

I've heard good things about that Tucson marathon. I had a friend that did it and spoke very highly of it. Its not a huge race, but its not tiny either.

Have you thought about whether any of these marathons have hills? I didn't really research that too well when I picked the Nike Women's and now I'm having to realize that I probably won't beat my time because its really hilly. On that note, the PF Changs is really really flat. And you could hang out with me :-)

I have heard Vegas is all slightly downhill. I don't really know if that is true.. If it is, it might be a good place to PR.

Finally, did you hear about the new Pasadena marathon in November? ( I was kind of looking at that one myself. We have family near there so it would be easy to find a place to stay.

Good luck with your decision!

Anonymous said...

Do you like marathons with great scenery or crowds? I know there is a new one in Catalina Island that i read about - it sounds absolutely gorgeous, I mean, it's Catalina, but I think it is a pretty difficult course, so you would not be breaking any personal records. Penny from Planet Nyyep Running could tell you more.

Lisa said...

oh man... I would LOVE to run Catalina, but that is a full-on trail run (only 3 miles are not on trails) and is VERY hard (the winning times are around 3 hours, which would put me at 6). I think I might try the half first. That is also the weekend of my daughter's birthday... so until she becomes a runner, I might be out of luck ;-)

I am also looking at Tuscon and Pasadena! Thanks for the input.

julie said...

+1 for Portland- what a great town, and I've heard such good things about the marathon.
have you checked out ? They have course profiles (for the hills!), reviews, etc that are really helpful for choosing your race.


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