Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7400 ft elevation and ROCKED it!

Ok... so maybe I didn't "rock" it, but it was a great run. It was my second run with our new Garmin (yes...it is officially ours *wink*). I still don't quite understand how to use it. I am not sure exactly how accurate it is because the house across the street has a sign out front that says 7100 feet elevation but Garmin says we are over 7400 feet. Either way, it's high up here! According to the Garmin, I ran as high as 7689 feet! *EDITED: I looked again at the house across the street and it does say 7400 feet, so the Garmin is accurate.

Distance: 4.69 miles
Time: 53:29
Pace: 11:24/mile

It was not my fastest run, but it was 1) at high elevation 2) on a trail and 3) very hilly. It was a beautiful morning, not to hot and not too cold. When I started out, I was a little concerned that I would be in trouble from the elevation. As the hill leveled out, I was able to find a nice groove. I ran to the end of the street and onto the trail/fire road in the San Bernadino National Forest. The only time I felt the altitude was climbing uphill (which was about half the time).

I think I might be a trail convert. As we went hiking on Monday, all I could think about was how excited I was to run the same trail the next morning. Today I grabbed a bunch of trail maps when we were out and about. I am going to try to get out again tomorrow.

Did you know that Ryan Hall (winner of the Oympic Trials for the marathon) is from Big Bear? Man, this town LOVES this guy. His picture is up in every business. There is a movement here called Move a Million Miles for Ryan Hall. It is part of the Lighthouse Project, a local charity here in Big Bear. I signed up and logged my miles! Why not?

p.s. as I sit writing, I am sitting on the deck looking at the lake (pictures to come) drinking a beer. Ah... vacation. Oh, and one benefit of high altitude is that all I need is one beer to feel buzzed. :-?


Kristin said...

Good job, Deena - I mean Lisa! :)

Anonymous said...

so so jealous! I have seen pictures of that area - it is freaking gorgeous! I think Ryan is just amazing - to think of everything he has accomplished and he's only 25 - wow!


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