Thursday, July 10, 2008

Feelin' FIT!

All this running and cross-training has helped me reach some personal fitness goals. At my Stroller Strides class last week, we had a fitness assessment. It reminded me of the Presidential Fitness Challenge we did in grade school. Remember the test of how many sit-ups you could do or how fast you could climb the rope? This was a personal assessment, not a competition, although I do admit, my competitive juices flowed a little, especially during the timed run *wink*
I am probably in the best shape I have ever been in. About ten years ago, I got into working out quite a bit. I lifted weights five or six days a week, but my cardio was usually limited to around 30 minutes or so. Now, I feel like my fitness is at an even higher level. I not only have the muscle tone, but the cardio fitness as well.

During the assessment last week, I was able to do a 90 degree wall squat for four minutes!! I might have been able to do a little longer, but I didn't want to kill my legs for the rest of the week (I had a race to run!). The muscles in my legs were quivering by the time I quit.

I was also able to do 26 pushups in a minute! These were no girly pushups either! I was also able to do crunches for seven minutes straight. My ab muscles hurt more than anything else the next day. There were a bunch of other exercises (calf raises, leg extensions, lat pull-downs) and I am excited to see if I can improve these during the next few months' assessments.

So a simple decision to run a marathon has brought my fitness to a level I haven't experienced before. I am actually thinking about trying to become a personal trainer. This is a tough decision, however. While I know I would love it, and I think I would be pretty good at it, it doesn't bring in the kind of income that I was bringing in prior to quitting to stay home with the kids. However, it does offer a lot of flexibility that my previous career never did. When I am ready to go back (once both kids are in school), I am not so sure I want to work the kind of insane hours I used to work. It would be nice to be home when the kids get home and be a room mother etc.

I hope this post doesn't see too boastful. I just wanted to write about the fortunate outcome becoming a runner. A friend of mine today, who I haven't seen for a while, commented on my fitness and asked how I feel. "I feel GREAT," I replied. And I do.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I think that's awesome! Boast away! Those are great physical strengths and I'm impressed.

tamara said...

Don't worry about the boasting. I would boast away if I were making the strides you are!! And it is cool that you are thinking of becoming a personal trainer. I think once you stay at home and make the decision to go back, it shouldn't be about money but about finding something you love to do.

Lisa said...

Thanks to both of you!

Tamara, I agree with you...can you convince my husband of that?? *wink*


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