Saturday, July 19, 2008

I had my first memorable running dream...

Remember those dreams from college (I still get them now and then) where you show up to your class and it is the final and you forgot to go to class all term? Well, last night I had the dream that I woke up the morning of a marathon and realized that I had forgotten to prepare for it. It seems as though I had been running, but I hadn't done any long runs, I hadn't hydrated at all, had partied the night before and I hadn't eaten a carb all week. In the end, I decided to pull a Barney* and just run the race.

Does it mean I am growing up when twenty years after college I am finally replacing the final exam dreams with dreams about an unprepared marathon race?

*from "How I Met Your Mother," my favorite sitcom. Here is an excerpt from the marathon episode. Sorry about the commercial. I couldn't find a YouTube clip.


tamara said...

That's too funny... not that I know how legs must feel after a marathon, but I can kinda guess.

jodes said...

What a great clip!! i love that show and i can't get enough of Barney!!! And congrats on the new dreams.... ?? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I love that show and that episode was great!

I don't dream, at least I don't ever remember dreams. That would be interesting to have running dreams though!

RunnerMom said...

That's a great clip! I've got to start watching that show. I've had a few running dreams--- mostly around my first half-marathon. I guess that's how our subconscious works it out.

P.S. your last post sounds a lot like my life---kids fighting, unmotivated for weekday runs, restaurant nightmares, never ending laundry, my bff moved to St. Louis, etc.


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