Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So lucky to live here!!! (edited with some pictures)

San Diego rocks! I decided to try to run at the beach today. My son was in preschool and pushing my daughter in a stroller isn't too bad (heck, I have run with the double stroller often enough... this was a breeze compared). We live about 20 miles from the beach. That 20 miles can be a 10-20 degree difference in temperature. It was much nicer there than it was out here. It was still 75 degrees and sunny. Other than the icky humidity, it was rather pleasant (there was a bit of a breeze off the ocean).

I am so glad I went. My daughter loved looking at the ocean and all the people. She and I went walking on the beach after I was done running. I ran between the roller coaster in Mission Beach to the Crystal Pier and back. MapMyRun says it is about 3.4 miles. My Nike+ said it was closer to 3.5. I think it is time to calibrate my Nike+. I ran under 10/minute miles which surprised me since the back of my thigh was really bothering me. It is my IT band or my hamstring (back of the thigh, but over a bit on the side). I am going to skip my speed workout (again) in the morning.

The marine layer was well off the coast, making it a beautiful day. The people on the beach were part of a surfing school. Someday, I need to do that!

My daughter was kicking back in the jogger.

I really wasn't trying to take a picture of this guy-- I was trying to show bikers and joggers on the boardwalk.

It is a good thing that I did run earlier today. My husband didn't get home until 8:30. I don't think I would have been motivated to run that late, in the dark.
So I got my dinner after all!


Irish Cream said...

Lisa, I am so jealous! I think I need to move to San Diego!! How nice to get to run along the beach :) I hope your leg feels better soon . . .

Jenn said...

Never been to San Diego but hoping to take my husband there to Torrey Pines for a surprise 40th bday trip in Feb.

By the way, you'd been tagged. Check out the details on my blog.


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