Thursday, July 31, 2008

Altitude training Part 3

Distance: 5.01 miles
Time: 55:44 minutes
Pace: 11:07/mile

This morning, I did roughly the same route as I did on Tuesday and I am happy to report that I ran 14 seconds per mile faster! It was still hard, but I kept telling myself that the pain I was feeling would help me in my race in a few weeks.

I also did a mom's version of a stadium workout. We went to a water slide. I jogged up the stairs (probably four stories or so) with my four-year-old only to find out that they don't allow double riding. My son didn't want to go by himself. We went back down the stairs. They had life jackets, which gave him a lot more confidence. So back up the steps we went. At least I was able to have a nice ride down a water slide. I went through the same thing with my two-year-old (she went down the first time, but then declined the second trip once we got to the top). I probably went up those stairs five times. Does that count as a stadium workout??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd say it counts ;-)

Oh,and don't worry if your times on trails are slower than the road - they will be. Even my brother's trail running was slower. He normally runs like 6 or 7 minute miles, and on the trails, he was down to 9 or 10. It's just more complicated as to where to put your feet, all the time.


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