Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Track etiquette and a big, fat "DUH" on myself

This morning I asked my hubby if there is track etiquette (he used to run track in high school and college). He quickly said, "only that the slower people should go in the outside lanes." a HA!

I went to the track this morning, had a nice warm-up mile calibrating my Nike+ and a few speed laps. I was the only one there for a while and I was using lane 2. Why not lane 1, you may ask? I have no idea. But on to that question later...

A couple people showed up on the track, everyone doing their own thing. I passed one guy while I was doing my 400 meter interval. He was in lane 3 or 4. On the next 400 meters, he was WALKING in lane 2. WTH? He just saw me running in that lane. Why would he walk there, even when he heard me approach from behind and move to another lane? There are so many other lanes to use. The other lady there is walking on the outside lane. I just don't get it. I thought it was rather rude.

So as I am telling DH this story he reminded me of a simple fact. "You do know that lane 2 is a longer distance, right?" "Um....yeah, I knew THAT." Oops! I knew that, but my foggy morning brain never quite registered that fact properly. Somehow, in my head, the fact that I started in the staggered position would make up for that. It would, of course, if I stopped at the finish line and not at the same staggered line. DUH. CRAP. No wonder my Nike+ calibration seemed off on Sunday (yes, I ran in lane 2 to calibrate it before). So recalibrating it this morning just added insult to injury. My 400 meter calibration was probably off by 6 or 7 meters. Heck, my mile calibration was WAY off this morning. Good thing KG is getting a Garmin this week for bike riding. I can calibrate the Nike+ properly (but most likely, I will steal the Garmin every time I run *wink*).

So is that why that guy in lane 2? Did he think I should be in lane 1?? I still don't think that someone should walk in the inside lanes, unless he was doing a recovery walk after running...which he wasn't.

The good news is that I am faster than I thought. While I only got in less than half my speed workout (I really need to get out of the house earlier!), I think it was a pretty good one:

1 X 1200*-- 6:19
2 X 400*-- 1:54, 1:50
1 X 200*-- :53

*So because I didn't stop at the finish line, but where I started, I think my intervals were around 1220, 407 and 203.

Even though my speed workout was shorter than I wanted, I did go to Stroller Strides and got in a great cross-training workout.


Anonymous said...

Actually when I've been at the track and there's only about one or two other people, I've probably walked in lane 2 or 3, if the only other person running was in lane 1. That most likely is what he was thinking you were doing. Oh and I definitely think you should (cough, ahem) borrow Kenny's garmin. Is he getting the 405? You can use that for both running and biking! ;-)

RunnerMom said...

My hubby and I share my Garmin. Since we don't run together (somebody's gotta watch the kids!) it works out ok. Except he brings it home all sweaty. Eeeew.

That sounds like great track workout. Are you using a particular training plan?

Alissa said...

Sounds like a good track workout to me. That is too funny about that guy running in the wrong lane. Bet you anything he does the same thing when he's driving! We should totally try to meet up at the AFC half. Who knows what my time will actually be. Less then 1:51 might be tough to do considering all my long runs this summer have been averaging 10 minute miles. You never know. You could totally kick my butt - you are getting faster, I can tell!

jodes said...

That's crazy that the guy was switching lanes on you! LOL! You're lucky though, the only track in my neighborhood is always locked. Everytime I go and check it out I get annoyed all over again. Oh well. Keep up the great work!

Lisa said...

I don't have to worry about my hubby getting my garmin (notice how it is mine now? *wink*) sweaty since he bought a handy clip-on device for his bike. He is still recovering from hip surgery, so no running in his future for a while.

The training plan I am using is from the Runner's World website (,7120,s6-238-244--6851-3-2X5X8-4,00.html).

Alissa, you'll probably do fine at the AFC. It has to be cooler than where you are. Lately, the mornings have been nice and cool (but pretty humid with the marine layer). I am hoping for a nice overcast morning!

I don't get why they lock a track! One of the colleges around here does that and it is very annoying. The one I have been going to doesn't even have a fence around it. It is a true "community" college.


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