Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 in pictures

My first run of 2010
2010 run
so cal half group PR pic
Southern California Half Marathon—PR!  Heidi, Odessa and Rod ran it too.

I ran a fantastic race at Surf City.


Kelly, Heidi and I ran the OC Chili Trail Race (Heidi and I ended up doing the entire series.)
kellylisaheidi trail run

I was able to meet blogger friend, Glenn at the Winter Trail Run 21K.  It was Glenn who told me about the race and introduced me to some of his trail-running friends.  After this race, I was hooked!  I knew I could run any trail after completing this brutal course.
glenn and lisa
I met another blogger, Danica, who was volunteering at the PCTR Malibu Creek race.
Danica the chicrunner
And I finally met blogger Penny.  She and I have run so many of the same races.  It was so nice to finally meet face to face.
lisa and penny the southbaygirl
At this race, I did my first river crossing.

Heidi and I ran the 2nd OC Chili Race.
OC Chili Winter Trail Run Series 2

Heidi and I in the last OC Chili Race.

Xterra malibu creek race pic 4

Palos Verdes Half Marathon with Rod, Jeff and Joan
Palos Verdes half marathon 1

Laguna Hills Half Marathon with Penny and Glenn
laguna hills pre race 1 Laguna hills half marathon post race

Fontana Half Marathon with Kelly, Jeff and Rod.
Fontana half marathon finish 3
camp pendleton mud run group shot start camp pendleton mud run mud pit group pic

Team Jamba Juice!
jamba post race pic
 jamba shirt shorts and visor
My first Age Group Award in the Villa Park 5K!  
Villa park 5K post race medal3

I won my age group in the 10K
yippee I won an AG award

Pacing my sister-in-law, Kristi, to a 5K PR.
Kristi and Lisa
after the 15K 2

Randomly bumped into blogger Luis at the beach.  Such a small world!!
muddy runner pic

I met a new friend, Nadine, through Team Jamba Juice.  She and I ran the LA Mud Run together and realized that we are living parallel lives.  You will probably be hearing more about Nadine in the weeks to come.

I met Nadine in Long Beach for a couple of training runs.  She and her running group know how to have fun.

Paced Kristi on another 5K PR.  I like this trend!
Playa del Run- Malibu

Beautiful run in Back Bay
Newport Back Bay

Blogger meet up with Aron.  She helped me feel better about my disappointment at the Long Beach Marathon.
meetup with blogger Aron after LB
Celebrating with friends after Long Beach (my friend Stacey and her brother, Eric had run their first half)
fun with friends after Long Beach marathon 
Pacing Shannon in her first half marathon!

After pacing Kelly in her first marathon!


Hiking in the rain and mud with my family*

That about covers my year of running.  2010 was difficult personally, but as you can see, I had some great running moments.  I am looking forward to even more great running experiences in 2011.  Thanks for riding along with me.

*This last set of pictures doesn’t really have anything to do with running, but getting out and active with my family was an important part of 2010.

Happy Running….


Terri said...

That is an awesome post, Lisa. I love your facial expressions in those photos! And if it's possible, you actually look even skinnier and more muscular in the pics as the year goes along. (Not that you were not skinny or muscular to start off.)

I didn't have a chance to comment on some of your posts before my christmas vacation, will remedy that this week.

Q: will I look like a copycat if I do something similar with photos? Trouble is, I don't have anyone really taking them at races anymore. So it might be whole lotta pics of Ruthie!!

Aron said...

what a FUN year!!!! so glad I got to meet you and hope we "run into" each other again this year :)

Marlene said...

What a year! I love the recap in photos, especially since I am a newer follower.

I love that you ran 20.10 as your first run of the year.

Wishing you great things in 2011!

The Green Girl said...

I loved this post! Yeay for being Team Jamba 2010 - whoo hoo!

Teamarcia said...

Looks like a wonderful year! You've met so many great peeps!

Glenn Jones said...

Nice way to recap 2010 Lisa. Great meeting you this past year and hope to see you at races up and down the coast in 2011

Lindsay said...

You ran a lot of races and have so many running friends! Jealous of that... Great pictures! I need to be better at documenting runs-with-friends and races with photos.

Anonymous said...

you had an awesome year! love all the pictures :) Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You looked so happy in the pictures. I'm so glad you had so many amazing running memories in 2010, especially with other life difficulties thrown at you!

Aka Alice said...

You gave me my resolution for this year...to make sure I run another race with you! We don't live THAT far away from each other...


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