Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gauntlet thrown...

I won an entry to the Los Angeles 13.1 tomorrow.  I hadn't planned on running another half marathon so soon after last week, but I never give up a free opportunity to race.  I had planned to run it nice and easy, enjoying the crowds, music and race atmosphere.  I hadn't really thought about "racing" it.

When fellow Ambassador of Wow, Nadine, found out I was running, she offered up a challenge.  Since she is running the Rock 'N Roll Arizona Half Marathon tomorrow, she thought it would be fun for us to compete.  Both of us have the same half marathon "sweet spot" of 1:55.  She thought that we should push it to 1:50.  Whomever gets the best time will buy a Jamba Juice breakfast in the winner's city.

Of course I accepted her challenge.  Now, as I sit here in 80 degree weather, I wonder what I have gotten myself into.  Nadine is training for Boston and an Ironman.  Nadine does tempo runs and speed work on a regular basis.  I haven't run a heck of a lot in the last month or so (averaging less than 20 miles a week since early December).  The closest thing to a tempo run I have done is last week's half marathon.  I am not race ready.

At least I get breakfast with a friend out of the deal.   It's a win-win situation.

happy running...

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Lindsay said...

winning a race entry - nice! hope it went well, whether you won or lost the bet. breakfast will be worth it, either way :)


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