Saturday, February 6, 2010

24 Hours

In 24 hours, I'll be running my third marathon.  I am hoping that third time is the charm, but I am just going to try to take things as they come.  There are factors out of my control and I need to not focus on them today.   The forecast is now ominously predicting a 40% chance of rain tomorrow.   There is nothing I can do about that.   Also, I woke up today with a pretty good start to a head cold.  I've been fighting it all week, but it is nearly impossible to avoid it when your two small children have it.

I'm going to head off to the expo in a couple of hours and get excited about this race.  I'll be down there with brother and sister-in-law, who are running the 5K. It will be my sister-in-law's first race!  I am very excited for her.  What an exciting race to run your first.... with 20,000 runners along the Pacific Ocean.

I will post my official bib number* later this evening.  I don't think that Surf City has a cyber-stalk feature on the website.  I will probably post my results on Twitter and Facebook from my phone.  I might even try to post here from my phone.  I doubt if I will post while running.  I don't have this phone down well enough to do it without stopping.

I am eating a couple of whole grain waffles with agave sweetener on them, trying to carbo load.  I'm watching the rain come down.  Rain, baby, rain.... empty those clouds today!!!  I am ready for tomorrow, come what may.   I will finish.   I will (most likely) PR.  And, if the stars align, I will run in under four hours.  Either way.... I am going to have fun.

Good luck to all  the other Surf City Runners out there**!  I want to give a special shout out to L.B. who is running his first marathon tomorrow.  Woo hoo!   Happy running, everyone.

*According to registration confirmation, my bib number is 2862.
**Check the links for all the fabulous race reports that are sure to come!  It is hard to tell, but I linked each word to Alice, Aron, Danica, Penny, Glenn, and Jimmy.  I hope I didn't miss anyone.


Marathonman101108 said...

Good Luck! I hope the weather cooperates and you have a great day to run. I'm looking forward to your race report.

Irish Cream said...

Good luck, Lisa!!!! I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for good weather and good health. But no matter what happens, YOU KNOW YOU GOT THIS! I really think the third time is a charm . . . that sub-4 is yours! :)

Can't wait to read all about it!! I should also add this advice, which a very wise person (you) once gave me: Remember to stick to your race plan, thank volunteers, high five people along the way and HAVE FUN!

Run like you mean it, Lisa! We're all rooting for you ;)

Bob Hazen said...

Good Luck! I hope you have fun and that the weather holds..... Can't wait to read your race report.

Anonymous said...

OHHH good luck Lisa, hope your legs keep going, and the lungs keep breathing...KIM xxx

Angela said...

Oh, Lisa, I'm so excited and anxious for you all at once! I hope you do wonderful and are satisfied with your results. And I really hope your headcold goes away!!!!

Can't wait to read about how you do!

Unknown said...

best wishes for a great race!

Glenn Jones said...

I'm not heading down for a couple or three hours yet. Best of luck tomorrow, but most important - HAVE FUN!!!!

L.B. said...

Thanks for the shout! I'm excited and nervous! Let's cross our fingers and hope the skies clear up. I've also been battling a bit of a head cold too - dang kids ;)

You're going to do awesome! PR!!

MCM Mama said...

Good luck! Have an awesome race!

Teamarcia said...

Good luck, stay dry and have the BEST time! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Aka Alice said...

I'm on my way back to SoCal now...I can't wait.

I'll look for you at the end since you'll be starting to run about the time I'm looking for a parking place.

(I'm fighting off that same cold...grrrrr)

Alissa said...

GOOD LUCK LISA!!!! I can't wait to hear how it goes for you. Don't worry, a little rain will probably feel good. I have a really good feeling you're gonna surprise yourself!

Lindsay said...

good luck tomorrow!! hope the weather holds off for you!

Terri said...

Sounds like the third time was the charm for you, and everything did come together just perfectly!

So is that a qualifying time for Boston, for you?


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