Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Product Review: Lucy Impact Knee Pant

One of my goals for this blog is to increase traffic.  The way to do that is to a) post things that are meaningful to readers b) post often and c) be funny, clever and/or irreverent.  I don't have a lot of time to post every day and I am not particularly funny*.  So I am going to start posting more reviews on my blog.  I have never received anything for free from a company, so all my reviews are unsolicited and completely on my own.  I have purchased these products or have been given them as gifts.**

Lucy Impact Knee Pant
Here is what Lucy says about the Impact Pant:
Light enough for the gym, and warm enough to run in the cold, our new Impact Knee Pant has some serious details. We're talking mesh insets at the hip and calf, reflective detailing and a zippered pocket at the back waistband. Plus, it's the perfect compromise between shorts and our running pant— not too much skin (although a little skin never hurt anyone).
These pants fit snugly without being too tight.  They run a little big.  I tried on a size small, which seemed to fit fine.  The associate*** told me that the pants might stretch a little and to try on the smaller size.  The extra small instantly was a perfect fit.  I would recommend trying one size smaller than you usually wear.

The waistband sits just below the waist.  I usually don't like hip hugging clothing for running.  Honestly, it isn't very comfy to have my post-baby belly pooch hanging over the band.  But these nifty pants don't sit super low and they have a drawstring, so they don't fall down under said pooch.

The band at the bottom flairs a bit (but only a bit).  This adds to a feeling of style (although I am rarely stylish when I run).  It also makes it very comfortable.  There is no grabbing at the bottom, which allows plenty of range of motion.  In fact, I bet I could even do yoga in these pants.

These pants are very comfortable.  They keep me just warm enough on those brisk mornings.  I like them for my longer runs when it is cold in the morning, but I know once the sun comes out, it will warm up considerably.  I have made the mistake of putting on running tights for a 40 degree start only to be much too warm two hours later.  I have never felt warm in these.  I don't know if it is due to the mesh panels (I doubt it) or just the lightweight fabric.

I have done a couple of long runs in these and I didn't have any issues.  I don't chafe much, but a couple of my running skirts chafe after fifteen miles or so.  These didn't at all.

Other features:
There is a zipper in the back.  It is just big enough for a Gu.  I like that it has a hidden zipper, which looks nice.  However, because it is hidden, it tends to hang up a bit on the fabric, making it somewhat difficult to open.  I have to tug it just a bit, which isn't fun if you are on the run.   Usually, on my long runs, I have my hydration belt, so I don't use that pocket anyway.

I like that there is a reflective logo on the legs.  It is on the front of one leg and the back of the other.  I doubt, however, if these logos will last.   I have only had the pants for a few weeks and the logos already look worn.  They are starting to crack a bit.  I am sure they will peel off in a few months.   This is really the only drawback of these pants.

These retail for $58 at or in a Lucy store.  That is a little more than I tend to spend.  I am cheap when it comes to my running clothes.   I can tell you that these are worth every penny.  Occasionally, Lucy offers coupons for 15-20% off.  They usually only run clearance sales, so I doubt these will go on sale often, as they are a stock item and not one of their seasonal fashions.

Bottom Line:
These knee pants are my new favorite running apparel.  They are comfortable and not too warm, not too cold.  I am planning on wearing them on Sunday for Surf City.  If my opinion changes at all, I will be sure to update this review.

*I look at the blogs that have a lot of followers and they post something nearly every day.  Others are funny and full of cynical self-deprication, which often include swearing.  I don't swear in my life, so doing it while writing makes me uncomfortable.
** But I am not opposed to receiving freebies to review!
***If you have an opportunity to go into a Lucy store, do it!  Their service is outstanding.  Not only are they very helpful, but they are family friendly.  The store here had toys in the dressing room that kept my kids occupied while I tried on clothing.  They have high quality clothing for active lifestyles.   Can you tell I am a fan?


MCM Mama said...

These sound pretty nice. I may have to check them out.

Teamarcia said...

I love Lucy stuff! Just got a 25% off coupon too! :)
Great review!

Kristin said...

I've been tempted to try these (I buy a lot of Lucy stuff), but leery over the low waistband. I might try them on when I go to the store... (I have been doing some mail order because it is more convenient, and even when I do the free shipping I usually get it the next day! It is shockingly quick!)

EmLit said...

Thanks for the great review, Lisa. I will definitely check these out--I love 3/4 length running pants and have been looking for some with a back zipper instead of a key pocket for a while!

Glenn Jones said...

Nice! Have you ever tried compression pants? I have one pair now that I wear on and/or after long runs. Helps recovery tremendously.

Aka Alice said...

I might have to try these. I've been running in a pair of knee pants from Tar-Jay, but they don't really have the compression I'd like.

BTW...I think your blog is thoughtful, sometimes funny, and always inspirational. I think people read for that too! Keep it up.

Lindsay said...

i try to be funny but i don't know if it works :) i don't swear either though on the blog (rarely in real life), just a personal choice.

thanks for the review! i have never run in capri-style pants, no real reason :) may have to give these a try! hopefully someone from lucy stumbles across this and offers you a few sweet deals ;)

Chic Runner said...

good review! Everyone loves reviews and I do think that people get a lot out of them, in case they wanted another opinion on something before buying it! :)


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