Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another good run today...

It feels SO good that five miles seems like an easy run. Six months ago, five miles was an accomplishment.

Tomorrow is our last three mile run until our taper weeks. While three is so much easier, I am not looking forward to pushing that double stroller. Once we jump to four miles next week, I think I'll have to run in the morning before Kenny goes to work. That is the one bad thing about Daylight Savings... it is so flippin' dark at 6 a.m., I do not relish going out that early in the morning. Tuesday, I didn't get out until closer to 6:45 and the sun was coming up. It is nice just after sunrise... at least it should get earlier and earlier every day. Isn't that the way the seasons work? ;-)

We start double digits on Sunday. Wow... THAT is a milestone! I am excited and nervous at the same time. This training schedule has really been right on. I know we are all strong enough to make the jump. The mileage is really going to start adding up over these next couple of weeks. I am so thrilled I have done so well so far. We have 80 days to go!

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