Friday, March 28, 2008


My friend Hilly sent me this link today: Holy cow, this guy is going to run the London Marathon while JUGGLING. He does this while running more than a minute per mile faster than me. Wow, dude, way to make me feel inferior. Hilly asked the most important question though.... WHY. Why would anyone want to do that? But then again, why would anyone want to run 26.2 miles in the first place? ;-)

Check out these videos. I can't believe these guys. I can't even juggle, let alone juggle while running down the street. Heck, who am I kidding? Sometimes I feel like I can't even walk and chew gum at the same time ;-)

OK... just watching them makes me tired. How do they drink their water? How do they pay attention to the road etc.?? How do they juggle like that?

Well, this is one thing that won't make my list of things to do in my life....


Perry said...


I certainly don't want to make you feel inferior. Just being able to run a marathon is an incredible feat. I just happened to be born with this talent and as I like to say, "You don't get to pick what you're good at but if you find it, no matter how stupid it is, go out and be great."

I often think it's a more amazing feat when people take 4 or more hours to do a marathon. Just being on your feet for that long is tough.

We usually stop running/juggling, take a drink, start juggling, then resume running. It slows me up by about 5 minutes every race. Then, I don't take a lot of water either. I can pay attention to the road because I don't have to look at the juggling bags. I pretty much just look through them. I've done it for so long my hands just seem to know exactly where to go. It's a bit strange. In my 444 day joggling streak, I've made over 3 million throws and catches.

Good luck in your marathon training! The San Diego marathon is a great one. Watch out for the hill at mile 17 though, it's tough.

Perry - The Average Joggler

Anonymous said...

I had the same question as you - how in the world do they concentrate on running? Wow!


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