Sunday, July 6, 2008

Biggest Race Day of the Year....

According to, Independence Day is the biggest road racing day of the year. I am happy to say that I have now joined the running community by racing on July 4. And what a great race it was. I was one of several thousand to run in the Coronado Independence Day 15K.

I am happy to report that I raced my best race EVER. I felt good and I finished strong. I beat my previous 15K time from the Resolution Run by over five minutes!!!! I am thrilled. Once again, my Nike+ said that I ran further and faster, but I don't care. I am pretty sure that the course is accurate. Between needing to be calibrated and my own inefficient running route, the Nike+ was off by about 1/4 mile. I am pretty sure that it is common to measure longer than the race distance when you weave in and out of people and take turns on the outside.

Time: 1:24:05
Pace: 9:02/ mile
Rank: 549/1161
Division Place: 33/81

It was relatively cool and overcast. In fact, the marine layer was so low that you couldn't see the Coronado bridge that is right next to Tidelands Park. I thought that it would burn off. The sun really tried to break through, but during our race, we had a nice cloud cover. It was super humid, but at least the sun wasn't beating down on us like it did during the Iron Girl.

Here is a picture of the sun rising as I was wandering around before the race. You can barely see the Coronado bridge peeking through the fog.

This was the first time I had ever gone to and run a race all by myself. Laura is fighting a calf/achilles injury, Jen had scheduling issues and I never hooked up with other moms I know. I arrived at the site really early because I heard that parking could be super tough (around 5:30 for a 7 a.m. race). I am glad because I snagged a GREAT parking spot. I was able to wear a sweatshirt in the wee hours and then go stash it in my car closer to the race along with my race t-shirt and swag bag. I talked to random people during my wait. I even took some pictures of a few people who really got into the spirit of the day.

I took pictures of these couples getting into the holiday spirit. Neither had thought to take pictures, so I sent the pictures to their cell phones in their cars. They were thrilled. I love technology.

During the race, I was able to focus on my running and really get into a good groove. There were times when I didn't think I could keep up my pace and thought about slowing down to rest (I didn't stop at all!) But I just focused on breathing deeply through my nose and trying to get a second (and third and fourth) wind. Funny enough, when I felt myself slumping a little I pictured Kara Goucher. I pictured her stride, so strong and graceful, running in the Olympic Trials 10K. Or I would picture Shalane Flanagan with her look of determination and half smile.
This picture (left) of Kara Goucher isn't from the Trials, but shows how strong she looks
I had fun and it went a long way in building my confidence. I just need to keep it up through the middle of August so I can run the Half Marathon well.


Kristin said...

You rock! Congratulations!!

Mike said...
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Jenn said...

Sorry, the comment deletion is me b/c I didn't realize I was signed in as my husband :)

ANYWAY, congrats on the race! Here you were so nonchalant about the race and it was your best ever!

Chris said...

Wow! Killer time, Lisa! Good job on the race.

Irish Cream said...

Congrats, Lisa!! You totally kicked butt . . . perhaps the nonchalant thing just works for you! Great job!!

P.S. I might have to try out your visualization techniques . . . I'd imagine picturing Kara and/or Shalane would be a great motivator indeed--I like it! :)


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