Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bittersweet run today...

Today was our last long run before the marathon (we have a couple of short ones scheduled, but I usually do those by myself). I am excited that this long journey has come to an end and we are ready to run this race, but I am sad that the training is over. The four of us really bonded over these last few months. We have really helped each other through it and I can safely say that I wouldn't be looking at running this thing next week if it weren't for each and every one of them.

Jen, Laura, Me and Lisa after our last 8 mile run together...

It is unlikely that all four of us will run together again. :-( I'll probably run with each of them separately and we'll see each other at Stroller Strides, but we won't have that common goal. Lisa is fighting some major back issues and she will likely stop running altogether. Jen will run some shorter runs to keep her legs for her triathlon, but nothing over five or six. Laura and I will probably do 8 to 10 miles together on the weekends. I may do some swimming with Jen (and maybe Lisa). But none of that will really be the same as the journey we have just completed together....

We ran eight easy miles today. I never thought I would type THAT sentence--eight easy miles. It really was easy! We didn't run too fast or too slow (just under 10 minute miles). Ironically, check out the picture from the Resolution Run 15K in March compared to today. We ran the 15K (which is about 9 miles) at a faster pace (about 9:30/mile) but looked much more worn out (but giddy with excitement at our longest run to date)
March 8, 2008
And here is a close-up today. We look like we have barely run! To be fair, today was a cool day, but I still say that our fitness has increased a TON since March!
May 25, 2008

My hamstring was a bit uncomfortable, but it didn't hurt. It didn't get worse at all during the run. I mentally needed to run a bit after taking all last week off to shake off the cobwebs a bit. I am icing my hamstring right now to try to minimize any irritation. If I have to run 26.2 miles with it feeling the way it did today, I'll be fine. I will take it easy this week and focus on resting (and eating!) before the big day.

This entire experience has been so positive, I am ready to set the next goal and work towards it. I want to thank my girls for a great ride! Thank you all for pushing me and never letting me doubt myself. I know that the big hurdle is in a week, but I already feel like I have made it. I am just going to enjoy this week and get the most out of the end of this journey.....

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Anonymous said...

I noticed something else - you guys all look even thinner in the more recent picture, if that is even possible. :-) I can understand what you're saying about it being bittersweet. I am sure it'll be that way for me and some of my TNT teammates too, come October. You're going to do great this weekend, I can feel it!


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