Sunday, May 11, 2008

Training schedule...

Since I have joined the Running Blog Network and other runners can see my blog, I thought it might be interesting to see our training schedule. I have been really happy with it. Before I took on this journey, the farthest I had run was 10K. Five mile long runs for the first few weeks and six mile runs after that made it look so much less intimidating. The increase in mileage was so gradual, before we knew it we were running insanely long runs. There were times when some or all of us felt like we were over-training a bit (in the later weeks), but we made sure that we listened to our bodies and made changes accordingly.

We have kept with the schedule generally, but like I said, we did make some changes. Changes were made for scheduling purposes, health reasons and because we are all moms with families and things happen.... Here is my attempt to show the various changes that I made to my schedule:

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