Friday, May 30, 2008

Keeping it positive....

Thanks to my husband, Kenny, and Terri's blog entry, I am reminded to keep things positive. This morning as I crawled back into bed, Kenny asked what was up and I told him. I kept saying,"I can't get sick." He told me that a mantra like that would add more stress.

My new mantra for the weekend is "I AM STRONG AND HEALTHY."

'nuff said.


h2ojennifer said...

You are strong and healthy my friend. From a friend that has witnessed you all through training I can verify that!!!

jodes said...

you ARE Strong and Healthy! And you are going to kick that marathon's bum!!! You'll do great!! I can't wait to read the race report! :o)

Luvkids334 said...

Lisa, YOU are strong, YOU are healthy and You are not going to let some silly virus keep you down, instead YOU are going to kick some serious butt on Sunday.

Heather said...

As Jeff says to Piper "shake it off" You are strong and healthy and you are going to do great on Sunday!!!


Anonymous said...

Zinc, as in cold-eeze - take it every two hours, but make sure that you also eat something, or it can make some people nauseous. It totally knocks out my colds very quickly!!!!!

You also have two days - you will be JUST FINE. MORE THAN FINE, YOU'RE GOING TO DO AWESOME! (and this is one time I am using caps to be emphatically yelling (as in cheering), hands in the air!) :-)


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