Sunday, May 18, 2008

When did a 10 mile run become "an easy 10"?

We were scheduled to run 9, but the Mission Bay loop we did was over ten so we did ten instead (we were going to walk the last mile, but I felt good so I ran longer and only walked about a half a mile). Jen actually ran eighteeen!! GO JEN. She is going to catch up on the training she missed out on due to her achilles trouble.

I didn't feel 100% but I felt pretty darn good. I think that ten miles is a good distance for me. I hope I can stay motivated to run that far on Sundays. It was funny.... somebody asked me on Friday what we were running on Sunday and I answered, "just nine." I received a bit of an eyebrow lift on that answer. A few months ago, "just nine" would have NEVER been in my vocabulary. When we did the 15K in early March, it was the longest that three out of four of us had ever run. I was REALLY nervous before the race. Now a nine mile run is easy enough to tack an extra mile onto it. I can't believe how far my fitness has come.

The only bummer was that I didn't have my iPod. Luckily, Jen ran with me and we chatted the entire way, so I never got bored. As we ran along the ocean, she talked a lot about how to swim in the ocean (I am thinking about doing a triathlon). My iPod is missing :-( I took it to playgroup so all the kids could dance. As I was unloading everything out of the stroller into the car, it wasn't there. I went back to the playgroup area and it wasn't there. I am hoping that it ended up with one of the other moms. Kids are known to move things from stroller to stroller. I am SO BUMMED. Not only do I enjoy my music while I run (it is a necessity on the boring runs by myself in my neighborhood), but it had two runs from my Nike+ that hadn't been uploaded. So including the eighteen mile run I forgot the sensor, I have at least 36 miles that won't show up on my Nike log. I was really working toward that 500 mile mark. Damn!

We have two weeks until the big race. I am more excited than nervous at this point (I am sure that will change). I am going to focus on taking it easy and making sure I am 100%. My runs will be easy ones and I won't push myself. I have a deep tissue massage scheduled for tomorrow. I am a little nervous about that because I am a weeny when it comes to pain. It will all be worth it though....


Anonymous said...

I noticed that yesterday too at my first TNT practice, that talking to someone did make it feel like it was less time, but I also felt like I was running slower than normal. I guess it will take a bit of time to get used to.

I personally can't wait until the day it seems like 10 miles is easy for me!

Lisa said...

I love chatting with my friends during training runs. It keeps you in the right heartrate zone (not too high) and it makes time pass. If you find the right partner, your pace will quicken. One of my fastest runs ever was chatting with my friend Laura (whose pace is way faster than mine) When I got tired, I stopped talking and she totally understood. All of us have an understanding that when we are tired, we will stop talking. At that point, I turn up my music and let it take me away....


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