Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pictures from the half marathon (edited with actual pictures)

Wow. I am impressed with the quick turnaround by Brightroom Photography. Here is a link to some pictures from the race. Thanks to advice from AKA Alice, I have been able to post the pictures from the race. I might actually buy a picture this time... I do look like I am having a good time.
You've got to love the ocean in the background!
Hey look! I "chicked" that guy in the yellow! Oops, maybe it's not the same guy. I'm sure I "chicked" somebody *wink*
Terri, do you see the guy next to me with the long sleeve warm-up top and gloves?

I think that this one is on the home stretch. It makes me realize that a hat is probably a good idea on these runs. LOL.

In the interest of respecting the photographer's copyright, here is the website where all the pictures are: http://www.brightroom.com/view_user_event.asp?EVENTID=44647&BIB=5096&S=230&PWD=

For those who are asking...yes, I am still walking on a cloud :-)


Aka Alice said...

Here's a trick to save a "proof" photo to your desktop...go through all of the steps as if you are going to buy one, add it to your cart, then you can right-click and save that one to your desktop (or at least I can on my Mac).

You do look as if you are having a wonderful run...I love the one with your hair running with you!

Anonymous said...

Those are really good photos! You look so happy and carefree! My latest race photos have looked kind of grumpy. Well, they didn't even get any of me in Phoenix!

Marathonman101108 said...

GREAT pics! I'd buy them all if I were you...or, save them like you did. I must confess, I've done that also. Congrats again.

Oz Runner said...

great pics, looks like you really had a good time..

The Alien said...

I really like those pics, specially the first and the last one, they show that you were having a great time while running.

Janet B. said...

OMG... how can you stand to run without your hair pulled back??? ACK!

I'm so proud of you and you look like you are having a blast!

And your legs are ripped!!! :D

Unknown said...

Those are really great race pics. I always look on the verge of death in the ones I've had taken of me. It looks like you had a blast!

RunnerMom said...

Great photos and a great race! I loved your report down below.

What an amazing day you had. I'm going to have to re-read everything you've written the last six months to see what your secret is! If you had to say in a nutshell, the ONE or TWO things that made you faster.... what were they?

SDrunner said...

You must have known when the pictures were being taken, unless you were really smiling the whole race! Really good photos btw.


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