Sunday, January 18, 2009


I am starting to get a little paranoid. I need the race karma gods to be with me this week.

I woke up a little beat up after my ride yesterday. My calf was a bit tight, I have the beginnings of a blister (biking shoes are not designed for much walking, which includes pushing a bike up a hill) and my hips are a little sore. I didn't think much of it until some of my running buddies starting getting injured.

AKA Alice wrote about a popping sound and a "weird" feeling during her run on Saturday. I am hoping that a little rest and ice will fix her right up. This morning Coleen showed up to our run with a sore knee. It has all the markings of an IT band issue. yikes. She wanted to give it a try to see how she felt. I was looking forward to a nice easy run after yesterday's workout so we took it slow. We started on the run and she did ok for a few miles. We walked for a bit around three and a half miles and then again just after four. Around seven miles she was done. :-( We walked the remaining three miles back to the cars. She is planning on resting a lot this week. She has worked hard for Carlsbad too and hates the idea of being sidelined next weekend. I am thinking healing thoughts for her as well.

Then this afternoon, I found out that yet another blogger buddies was not smiled upon by the running gods. Jill did a faceplant during the P.F. Chang's Rock-n-Roll Marathon earlier today and needed stitches!!! Poor thing. I can't imagine how awful she feels (physically and mentally).

So there is something going around. I can't drink any of this proverbial water. It almost makes me want to skip my runs this week. But now I am just being paranoid.....


Aka Alice said...

Yeah...I read Jill's blog and just cried for her...

Take it easy this week. My feeling is that we've all trained as much as we can. I'm (obviously) not running until at least Thursday...maybe not until Sunday.

So...the word for the week is "taper"

Southbaygirl said...

Maybe the running gods want us all to enjoy Carlsbad next Sunday??? Just a thought....I hope you are feeling a bit better today!! How did you feel on your run?

Anonymous said...

Ok, here's the deal - I will tell you what not to do so that you do the total opposite (kind of like a lawyer's trick with a jury) - KEEP THINKING LIKE THIS and all the ways you can jinx yourself.

didn't work? Ah crap.

Ok, but seriously, don't overthink all of this. I'm sure it's the other stresses you've been dealing with that are now trying to manifest themselves.

Remember how good you felt AFTER your tempo run last week, when you saw all those butterflies? Try to focus on that feeling, or how you feel when your kids do something really cute, and you think to yourself "now this is why I became a mom."

Sound good?!

Marathonman101108 said...

"Paranoia, the destroyer, paranoia the destroyer." Destroyer-The Kinks

OK, Lisa...SOMEBODY has to run and be injury free. It may as well be you. Take it easy, be positive, and remember we're all rooting for you. Everything's going to be ok.

Anonymous said...

"SOMEBODY has to run and be injury free. It may as well be you."

I concur... I don't want you to experience paranoia, I'm feeling enough of that for EVERYONE right now.


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