Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Last year, on Facebook, I posted something  I was thankful for every day in November.  I know I am a bit late on this, considering Thanksgiving has come and gone and it is the last day of November, but I think giving thanks is something that can be done every day.  This year was, by far, the hardest Thanksgiving I have ever faced.  Even with an extremely difficult situation in life, I can say I am very thankful for some key things.

1. A strong marriage.  We have been through a lot the past two years.  The last few months have been extremely stressful.  I have been known to take out my frustrations on the closest person, my husband.  We’re both short tempered and therefore tend to argue (and to be honest, it is often due to me overreacting).  If our marriage didn’t have such a strong foundation, I don’t think it could have survived this.  I know that once we get through all this, we’ll be better than ever.  I know I have a partner in life and we have been tested with the “worse” part of “better or worse.”

2. Happy and healthy kids.  My kids make me smile every day.  Even when I am depressed (which seems to happen more often), my kids can snap me out of it.  I haven’t been the best mother lately, but they have been the best kids.  On those days when I just want to lay on the couch an do nothing, inevitably my kids will need me.  They will need comforting or help with homework or someone to watch them dance.  How can I wallow in my own self-pity when there are two great kids right here.   Often, when I am lamenting over our situation, I remind myself that there are parents out there who aren’t so fortunate to be able to watch their kids laugh or attack them as a tickle monster.  For this, I am truly blessed.

3. A wonderful network of friends and family. I have always been very proud.  I was independent and self-sufficient from a very early age.  I was the one in my family who packed up my belongings and moved to a different state “just because.”  Accepting help has never been in my comfort zone, let alone asking for it.  Twelve months of unemployment have taught me a little about pride.  I have learned to accept “charity” from friends and family, knowing that soon enough, I will be able to pay it forward.  I have been so fortunate to meet some great people through my running.  These generous people have helped us network for jobs, given me free massages, paid for race entries and been there for me in so many ways.  My family is really pitching in to ensure that my children have one of their best Christmases yet.

4. My running. Running is a relatively new thing for me.  I started running, in earnest, in 2008.  Before that, I probably never ran more than two or three miles at a time (other than my very first 10k in the summer of 2007).  I am so thankful that I am healthy enough to be able to run.  Running keeps me healthy, gives me my mommy “alone time,” and keeps me sane.  More than anything, running has given me my social outlet.  Since moving here a little more than a year ago, I have met some fantastic people (as mentioned above).  I would not have been able to get so close to these women without the quality time we spend running.
early morning running gals
We had a lady snap a picture of us during one of our pre-dawn runs.  This is the main group that runs each morning.  Some times there are more and sometimes fewer, but I haven’t had to run by myself in quite a while.

Even though my life is difficult and sometimes feels a bit hopeless, I do realize how truly lucky I am.   I know his is a running blog and I try to keep things mostly about my running, leaving the other stuff to my other blog.  However, running has become such a big part of my life, so I wanted to post this here.  Thanks for reading.

Happy running.

*Coming soon: Dana Point Turkey Trot Race Report


Terri said...

Great post, Lisa. I am glad to know you too. So glad you found such a great partner in life, in Kenny, and that you've got two kids who are healthy. But I'm jealous you get to run with people every day! (I've just recently found a few people I love running with.)

I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Can you email me your new address, just in case I don't have it at home anymore? (I need to double check my copied external hard drive from Bill.)

Karen DeWitz said...

Alton Brown once said, "All of life’s big problems include the words 'indictment' or 'inoperable.' Everything else is small stuff." I'd have to include "unemployed" in with the big stuff, though. You have been dealing with some really big, difficult stuff this year. I know you are independent, but know that the people who support you WANT you to lean on us. And we really want you to smile and be happy, stay off the couch, hug your beautiful kids, and giggle. We love you!

Anonymous said...

I was just watching a TEDx video on YouTube from Brene' Brown about vulnerability and how we need to "practice gratitude" in our lives before I read this post. This is a great post that parallels the points I just listened to.

Your list is wonderfully powerful in the simplicity... family, friends,health, really puts it in perspective as to what we need.

You're an awesome person Lisa, so glad I've met you and I hope the next year gives you more of the same to be thankful for, as well as many new experiences to be thankful for.

Lindsay said...

you certainly have a full life :) i hope you can continue to work through the rough times and come out on top like you have done time and time again! never too late to think about the things you are thankful for, we should do this more often, not just at the end of november right?

Aka Alice said...

Wonderful, essential things to be thankful for Lisa...just a great post!

The Green Girl said...

This post really warmed my heart. ::smiles::

Glenn Jones said...

Nice post Lisa. I'm about to enter one of those difficult times (job) and it's nice to see other people making it through tough times with flying colors.

Anonymous said...

Lots to be thankful for :)


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