Thursday, November 18, 2010

Goodbye to an online friend

I have been really bad at keeping up with reading all the blogs that I follow.  I read when I can and comment even less.  While trying to catch up a bit last weekend, I was saddened to learn about the passing of one of my blog buddies.  Rick was a very supportive and enthusiastic friend.  He and I often commented on each other's blogs and became Facebook friends as well.  He could always be counted on for an encouraging word or something to make me laugh.   

I AM a Warrior..or The Grand Poobah from The Flintstones!This entry was on his blog:

The Last Run

To all of Rick's followers and fans,

My dad had his last final run today. He passed away this morning doing what he loves... running. 
I was surprised at how sad I was to learn this news.  I had never met this man who lived across the country.  But through the internet and running, we found a connection.  Rick was a man with a huge heart.  He was a dedicated father and husband.  He loved beer and going to the casino.  He was also very charitable, raising a lot of money for Autism Speaks.  He was charitable towards everyone.  In 2009, I was incredibly touched when Rick offered to start a collection among my followers to sponsor me in my marathon.  That was just the kind of thing he did.

This reminds me that life is so fleeting.  Rick was not very old (in his mid-50's).  I need to remember what is important and tell the people in my life how much they mean to me.

Rest in Peace, Rick.  You'll be missed.


Karen DeWitz said...

Oh, that's heartbreaking, Lisa. You're right that life is so fleeting. Embrace the everyday. <3

Lindsay said...

boy you are behind! i still think of him and his family often... it is still so unbelieveable, he is certainly missed!

chris mcpeake said...

You got to live for the moment before its gone.

kayan Association said...

Thanks ..your topic beautiful ..... Good luck


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