Saturday, January 23, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

 This is the view from my patio this morning.

The rain has stopped (for now) and it is a GORGEOUS morning.  I went out for a run with the girls.  It was COLD (upper 30's, low 40's, which is very cold for us), but I felt great.  We took it easy and chatted the whole way.   I goofed and forgot to start my Garmin after a break, so I don't know our exact mileage or pace.  That's ok.

There were a TON of runners out this morning.  There were literally a hundred people along the river path.  We saw a couple of running groups and dozens of individuals, couples and trios.  It was like everyone in the area was chomping at the bit to take advantage of the break in the weather (they are predicting another storm on Monday).  There were some bicycles, but not many.  I am sure the bikers were hating it.  Runners were everywhere and often running two or three abreast.  I am sure it would be hard to get in a nice fast groove on a bike on a day like today.

I am actually looking forward to my long run tomorrow.  I am going to run sixteen miles down along the Surf City course in Huntington Beach.  I haven't looked forward to a long run like this in a while.  I guess those lazy rainy days paid off.  Or maybe the sunshine put new bounce in my step.  Whatever it is, I feel like a new person.

Happy Running.

p.s.  the mountains really make me want to go skiing!


Bob Hazen said...

Beautiful Picture! Are you in Vista?

Alissa said...

Love the picture! Isn't it great to get out and run after a rain. Everything feels fresh! Glad that you are feeling optimistic about your long runs once again. Can't wait to her how it goes!

Irene said...

That IS gorgeous! That photo brought me back to when we lived in Upland and Mt. Baldy would get snow... Those were the days!

Happy running!


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