Thursday, January 21, 2010

excuses, excuses....

I am not running right now because:
  • I didn't hear my alarm (although I did wake up in time)
  • it was pouring rain when I woke up (although it is not raining now)
  • I was worried about lightning (although the storm with lightning moved through yesterday)
  • I felt a little twinge in that foot that has been bothering me (ok... this one might be legitimate)
  • I'm tired (I should go to bed earlier)
  • I am having some sort of allergic reaction and my eyes itch and are swollen (this has nothing to do with my ability to run)
  • I am working in my son's classroom today and don't want to feel rushed getting everything/everyone together for school.
  • the dog ate my homework.
OK, OK... the real reason that I'm not running is that I just didn't feel like it.  I'm getting a little burned out on running five days a week and just didn't have it in me this morning.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed in life and usually my running makes me feel better.  This week it feels like yet another chore to add to the list.

This is not like me.  I'm the one who ran right through the holidays.  I wake up early on Saturday and Sunday instead of sleeping in (the only days possible to do so).  I run in the rain.  I run in the dark.

I wish I could take the whole day off.  But life is calling.  I'm off to get the kids dressed and off to school.

I hope you are all having a less grumpy day than I am and are getting in good runs for your soul.


Anonymous said...

Nope... My day is feeling just as grumpy and gloomy. I'm blaming it on the fact that I haven't seen the sun in nearly a week.

Funny thing... I actually did have "the dog ate my homework" excuse once. My dog went nuts overnight and ate my textbook. My teacher found it hilarious and hung the chewed-up book from the ceiling of her office as a decoration.

Aron said...

sometimes you just need an extra day off :)

MCM Mama said...

Everyone has an off day. Hope you are in a better mood tomorrow!

Kristin said...

Five days a week is a lot of running, especially with kids and life to deal with too! Let your legs rest today. Hopefully you'll get a few moments for the rest of you to rest too! (Okay, I know I used the word "rest" far too many times there, but you know what I mean!)

RunnerMom said...

Did you decide what to do about your long run this week? I enjoyed reading all the comments--all of which said do 16!

I'll let you in on a secret... I'm planning a marathon the week after yours---for Feb. 14. Not putting it on my blog or even telling any of my running buddies in case I get sick again. Missing out on those 2 marathons in December due to illness really threw me for a loop. (And made me feel like a failure!) I did my 2 20-milers back in October and November and haven't done one since. For this marathon (Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham), it's only 2 18-milers, though I may go to 19 on Saturday if I'm feeling well.

What would our training folks say about running a marathon on 1 15-miler and 2 18-milers and no more than 34 miles per week? We'll see how it goes.... I will say I feel so much better this time. When I was getting above 36 miles per week, I was fatigued all the time. The only way I could continue this ENDLESS cycle of training (since July!) was to tell myself I didn't have to do anymore 20's and wouldn't go above 35 miles per week!

Having a SECRET is kind of fun. Of course, here I am telling you...
I hope my running buddies aren't mad when I text them from the finish line. But this way, if I get sick again the week of the race, I won't feel like such a *loser.* I'm not even going to register until Feb. 5, the last day to preorder a finisher's shirt.

Jana said...

Hey Lisa,
Have been feeling a bit of the same. I will say that when I was home with kiddos, I would call a "play hooky" day for all of us from time to time to have some fun and re-group. Hang in there, the sun will be back soon and your groove too!

Terri said...

as you always say to me, it's alright to take the time off and not feel guilty (remember, I always feel guilty and you always tell me not to, or something to that effect. I can imagine it'd be near to impossible to not get burnt out if you are running that many days per week. Hope the long run this weekend for you goes well.


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