Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome to a new decade!

Wow... it didn't hit me until yesterday that we are starting a new decade*.  This last one has been the most important, pivotal of my life**.  Here are the highlights:
  • I met my soul mate (2001)
  • I moved from Topeka, Kansas to Palm Springs, California (2001)
  • I married my soul mate (2002)
  • I had a baby (2003)
  • We moved to San Diego from Palm Springs (2004)
  • I had another baby (2006)
  • I quit my job, a career I had been building since the 80's (2006)
  • I joined Stroller Strides making lifelong friends and a love of fitness that I had not known before (2006)
  • I ran my first race ever, a 10K (2007)
  • I ran my first marathon (2008)
  • I ran my first half marathon (2008)
  • I became a group fitness instructor for Stroller Strides (2008)
  • We faced unemployment for seven months (2009)
  • I ran three additional half marathons (2009)
  • I ran my second marathon (2009)
  • I became a certified running coach (2009)
  • We moved to Anaheim from San Diego (2009)
What will this one have in store??

*what DO we call our last and current decades?  Was 2000-2009 the otts?  Is this next one the teens?

**The other decades of my life:
60's-- born 
70's-- I was a kid growing up in the Pacific Northwest.
80's-- High School and College (before this last decade I had thought the 80's were the most influential years)
90's -- work and Master's Degree

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Teamarcia said...

You've come a looong way in a short time. Congrats and happy new year!


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