Monday, December 29, 2008

I did it!!

This is how I felt after running on a cold, snowy day.... I am officially not a running wimp (well, at least not as much of one).

I will post more about my Oregon runs after I crawl out from all the luggage and laundry from our trip. I had one incredible snowy run and another soggy, less incredible one....
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (or Hanukkah or whatever)!


Southbaygirl said...

Portland Oregon has been COLD and snowy!! So good for you getting out there and running in the mucky weather!

MCM Mama said...

Good job getting out there. I didn't run outside at all while I was in Wisconsin.

Terri said...

That's how I am when I get to the top of a hill and have not gotten down on my hands and knees to crawl up it! cool video! :-)


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