Monday, June 16, 2008

Talk about eclectic taste in music....

This is my current power song on my Nike+. There is something about it that gives me chills. The first time I heard it was during the fountain show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas from the balcony of Circo and I fell in love with it. Yesterday at the end of my eight miles, I hit my power song button with just under a half mile to go. It was PERFECT. The song calms me down (without slowing me down) and changes my energy. The tempo builds toward the end. When the Nike+ lady told me I had two hundred meters to go, the song was approaching its crescendo and it pushed me to hit it hard for the last part of the run. When the song was over, so was my run. I couldn't have timed it better. I also listened to it at the end of my marathon...twice.

On my long run play list, I have a section that comes around two hours into it that has this and several other strong classical songs. When I get a chance I might do a fun little playlist like Alissa did. The songs are from Carmina Burana, Phantom of the Opera and some others I can't remember. It is odd how this music really changes my energy while I run. I couldn't run to it exclusively. But that bit of time, I get sort of transported out of myself and get a little recharged. After a while I need something else and my playlist moves into harder rock and alternative stuff. I think I might try some dancy sort of music like the one Terri posted. Who knows.... I might even try some country. But I doubt it ;-)


Anonymous said...

Great song Lisa. Is that Andrea Bocelli? I still remember the song I heard when I saw the Bollagio fountains - Lady Luck, (or is Luck, be a Lady Tonight?) by Frank Sinatra. Normally I'm not a Frank fan, but that song, I really liked.

What is the name of that song? By the way, thanks very much for those youtube links. I really liked the one of the girl who ran in Oklahoma. I also saw another one - a funny one - when I saw that one earlier today - I'm going to post it tonight - it's a Nike+ one.

Lisa said...

yes.. it is Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman (I like her version WAY better than Celine Dion). It is called Time to Say Goodbye (Con te Partiro in Italian, I believe)

Chris said...

Great song. I will have to download it. Here is my current powersong: Yeah, I am weird.

Lisa said...

Ummm... Chris, I might have to agree that you are a bit weird with music. That video is cute (I totally want to see that movie), but I can't see running to it at all. But who knows...

Sometimes I just hit shuffle when I run. Unfortunately, I have all my kids' music on my iPod and mid run I hear Donald Duck singing some silly song. It really cuts into my running mojo. LOL. I hear plenty of kids' music in the car; when I run it is ME time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for telling me about the mistake I've been making with your blog address. Typing it from memory... and it is a big deal, I do want people to get to your blog. I'll make sure I do it right from now on.

And thanks for the info on that song, I thought the female singer looked familiar, and the encouragement. You are right, I might need that song to keep me going in those longer runs, if it doesn't make me stop to cry first. Hearing that song makes me think of Cheryl, and her little girl, who was just so beautiful and smart. For reasons it's hard to go into, I don't really have contact with her family anymore.

Oh, and Chris, how in the world is that your power song?! I'm with Lisa on this one.

Jill said...

I would have never thought to use that song during running, but I can totally imagine that it would make you feel a little lighter, like you're floating along. I may have to get that one, especially for long days!

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