Sunday, March 2, 2008

I think I am actually starting to like this!

It may seem crazy to commit to running a marathon when I don't particularly like running. It is hard to explain why I am doing this. Part of it is that I needed to do something that was just for me. I needed to set a goal and go for it. I am notorious for getting into something and then getting bored with it (crafting, writing etc.). I knew if I made a commitment with friends, it would keep me on task. I did not think that this year would be the year I would run a marathon. Heck, a marathon was only a vague concept of something that I might do someday. When Jen made the announcement at Stroller Strides that she and Laura were embarking on this journey, I knew that it was now or never. I figure what better time to do it.... with three other women doing their first one? I don't think I would ever take on a training program like this by myself. Heck, I couldn't even motivate myself to train over the holidays to do the Carlsbad half.

While I don't particularly like running, I don't hate it either. It is pretty easy in terms of preparation and the actual activity. I am not super good at it, but I feel like I could be. Today we ran seven miles. It wasn't a piece of cake, but I felt good afterwards (especially considering I had a few glasses of wine last night at dinner). I am enjoying getting to know my running partners. We have such nice, easy conversations while we run. It really makes the time go by fast. Today we ran in just under 70 minutes and it really didn't feel that long. I know that this entire experience will really bond us all as friends. And that makes me happy.

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