Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The interesting things you notice when you run alone...

AND forget your iPod at home. I went down to Balboa Park Tuesday to deliver some food for the Stroller Strides playgroup and planned to run with Amelia in the stroller for my three mile run. One of the moms, Shawna, kindly offered to watch Amelia while I ran. I don't turn down an opportunity to run without a stroller!

With nothing to listen to, I was glad it was a short run. I tend to get bored pretty easily. So there I was, alone with my thoughts on a beautiful San Diego day running through one of the coolest parks in the country. I found myself looking around more. In some ways it was good, but in others it just made me paranoid. I caught myself eyeing strange looking men suspiciously. A guy sleeping in his car completely freaked me out. Don't even get me started on the dude sleeping under a tree. I take for granted that I enjoy that beautiful park in the comfort of a big group. It is a little scarier all alone. I mean, it is a public park in a big city.

That short run made me appreciate even more my running partners. Not only do they make my runs more enjoyable, but they make me feel safe as well.

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