Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am officially a die-hard!

In the past, when I would see people running in the rain I would either call them crazy or a die-hard. Today we ran six miles in the rain. The only people out there with us were other die-hards.

I just finished a nice, long HOT shower and feel GREAT. The run wasn't nearly as miserable as I would have imagined. I am SO glad to have good running partners. It really helps pass the time when we can have a conversation. There have been several times when I would have stopped had I been running by myself.

We are only up to six miles (moving up to seven next week), so today's run wasn't any great feat. But I still feel successful. For these past weeks, I have run four days a week and worked out at Stroller Strides another two. Even if I am not ready to run a marathon, I am definitely in great shape.

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