Saturday, March 22, 2008

Moon over Mission Bay...

It was BEAUTIFUL this morning. As I was driving up I-5, the full moon was over the city-- just gorgeous! As we started our run, just before 6:45 a.m. the moon was still over the bay. The bay was perfectly still so you could hear birds etc. Once the chill wore off a bit, it was a perfect morning for running. I am SO glad that we went so early. It would have been HOT if we had waited until 9 or so. We finished running 11 miles and walking one by 9 a.m. and had the rest of the day to enjoy. [note: I had thought we were doing 12 today, but misread the training schedule. Today was 11 and we do 12 next week]

I feel awfully lucky to live in a place like San Diego. I can't imagine running so early in a colder climate. I was uncomfortably cold for a good mile or two-- and it was probably around 50 degrees. LOL. As we made it to the boardwalk at Mission Beach, we saw the West Coast Roadrunners running club doing their training run. It was cool to see so many people running and training for a big race--the beach and bay were crowded with runners. I am glad that we have our little running club though. I honestly don't think we're missing out by not training with a big track club. We have a great training program and we are able to be flexible to support each other's schedules. We may not have fancy coaches, but we have each other. :-)

So far, I am feeling GREAT. My legs didn't tighten up nearly as much as they did last week. I am definitely getting stronger. In fact, my last mile was my fastest one today. I started listening to music and some of the songs pumped me up a bit. When the Nike+ lady said there was 300 meters to go, I told Lisa and suggested that we try to catch Laura and Jen who were a half a block ahead of us. We sprinted those last 300 meters and it felt great. We didn't quite catch them (I think they picked up their pace a bit, too *wink*) but we came close.

I am actually excited to run the twelve miles...can you believe it?? I think I am drinking too much of the runners' kool-aid (or is it gatorade?).

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