Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One Hundred Miles logged...

Check this out!!!

ONE HUNDRED MILES!!! Who would have ever thought I would have logged that many miles in a couple of months??!! At the rate we're going, I'll log my second hundred in a few weeks. What a sense of accomplishment. I actually didn't use my Nike+ with a couple of runs because I forgot it, it was out of batteries etc. so I have actually run about fifteen or so miles more than the Nike+ registers.

While I'm talking about my Nike+, I just have to rave again about the Nike/Apple alliance. I know, I know...I sound like a commercial. I am definitely my mother's daughter in that regard :-) The partnership between Nike and Apple is awesome. Today I listened for the first time to an album I purchased on iTunes through the Nike section. It is an endurance interval training mix narrated by Lance Armstrong. The mix of music was great and the "coaching" was perfectly timed and just the right amount. At one point during one of the speed intervals he said, "push yourself... remember, pain is temporary, quitting is forever." He had a few other tidbits like that one. I really did push myself on those intervals. I ended up running 4.4 miles at a 9:15 pace and the first few minutes were slow because I was going up our hill to the trail. Usually when I am by myself I go much slower than that. In fact, Tiger Woods informed me during my Nike+ workout summary that I had logged my fastest mile yet! I ran one of the miles at an 8:39 pace. I know it isn't super fast, but it is a minute faster than my regular comfort pace, so I am thrilled!

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