Sunday, May 10, 2009

I guess it is a little like golf

Golf is a strange sport. When you are learning it, you spend most of your time incredibly frustrated. Unfortunately, unless you have a lot of time and money you continue to be frustrated most times you go out. So WHY would anyone persist in playing this inane sport. It's the 'golf shot'*; the glorious shot that brings you back. You can spend five hours (or more if you hit a hundred times like I do) of miserably hitting shank after shank. BUT, on ONE hole (or more for most people) it all comes together. You swing and the club hits the sweet spot and the ball sails through the air exactly where you aimed and even gets a lucky bounce in the right direction. That feeling is what golfers come back for again and again. And the more often you play, the more often you get that shot and the feeling that comes with it.**

Running can be the same way. You have a couple of runs that make you wonder why you put on your running shoes in the first place. Then you have a run where everything clicks. You might even experience the elusive runners' high. Sometimes, all it takes is a strong finish to give you a taste and remind you that you have it in you.

I didn't have one of those spectacular runs that makes you cheer, but I pushed through a wall and found strength to finish strong. Strong enough to bring me back.

I will write more about the good, bad and ugly of today's twenty-two mile run later.

*I am not even sure that is a real term. But my firends and I always use it to describe a great shot. I think it actually comes from a movie quote (Caddyshack? Happy Gilmore? I am not sure).
**I haven't actually played golf in over three years. I used to play much more often when I was working. Golf is big in the casino business.


Southbay Girl said...

I have those runs all the time!!! Some times my runs are HORRIBLE and then the next day it all clicks-what a feeling!

Irish Cream said...

I like the golf analogy--very true. Although I suck really badly at golf and never actually attain that "golf shot". Perhaps that's why ALL of my runs have been crap lately? Ha. Can't wait to hear about your 22-miler!

Oz Runner said...

thanks for the a golfer (okay, hacker) and runner (albeit slow), I can see your point....


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