Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am going to take this opportunity to whine. It's my blog and I'll whine if I want to.

My eight mile speed workout turned into a two and a half mile suck fest. From the beginning, my shins hurt. They both hurt. DAMN. Why is this happening to me??* Shin splints are supposed to happen when you dramatically increase your mileage or run on super old shoes. These shoes are barely three months old. I suppose that they are done. It's the only thing that makes sense.

Oh, did I mention that the junior college where I usually go had some real track dudes working out and I got intimidated? I was afraid I was going to interrupt track practice. There were a bunch of really fast guys practicing baton hand-off, hurdling etc. The hurdles said Cuyamaca College, so I assumed it was pretty official. So, I left the college and drove to a nearby high school. I discovered that they have a cinder track! This is the newest school in the area and they have a crappy cinder track? The college has a nice soft all-weather track. Growing up in Oregon, I assumed that all tracks were some sort of synthetic all-weather track. It seems in Southern California, all the high school tracks are dirt. Damn.

Unrelated to the pain in my shins, my legs would NOT move quickly. Where my last speed workout I was able to run a mile around 7:00, today I was struggling to get to 8:00. I did one mile to warm up at 9:29. The second mile was 8:11 and the half mile was 8:17. And to add to the whining... it was 75 degrees and there was a killer wind. No matter what I did, I could not get into a groove.

I'm pissed that I quit. It was a huge debate with myself out there on the track. I actually headed to the car, turned around, went back onto the track and ran the last half mile. In the end, I decided that to push through a sucky run and risk hurting my shins more wouldn't be the best idea. I meant to run another mile at least, but after two laps I realized that it wasn't happening. Now I am wondering why I didn't just suck it up. What a wimp I have become!

I am starting to have serious concerns about the training leading up to this marathon. Yes, I have had some good long runs. However, I have not put in nearly enough miles during the week. For the past several weeks, I have been resting my shins for at least one run. I have replaced running with biking on at least three occasions.** I am not even sure I have averaged thirty miles a week! There is a little over two weeks left, so it is too late to do anything about it except worry.

Ok...I am done now. Whiny rant is over.

*I told you I was going to whine.
**This week Kenny and I rode 14 miles on Tuesday instead of doing my recovery run.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to have a blog so you can vent and get that off your chest at least! And I would tell you the advice that so many people tell me... worrying won't accomplish anything... but I always forget that tune and worry anyway.

I'm sure you're going to do great. Sorry you had such a sucky run. :-(

h2ojennifer said...

Oh my friend.....You are ready for this marathon and even if your shins bother you on the big day you know a few miles in they will warm up and you will find your groove. YOU ARE GOING TO DO GREAT!!!! Worrying is expected but make sure the majority of you mental enegy is put towards positve thoughts and how much you kick ass woman!!

AKA Alice said...

Go to Grossmont High School. They have an all weather track... The district is working on upgrading/changing all the tracks to all-weather, but it takes awhile (and $$$).

Rest your shins. Get some new shoes. Take it easy. You're in taper-madness now. It's all going to be OK. You're in great shape. A light milage week isn't going to hurt you at this point. (I know you know all this, but it doesn't hurt to hear it over and over again, does it?)

Irene said...

You are not alone! We could easily have a suck fest together! Shins, sore muscles, etc... There's still time to recoup! Ditto on what AKA Alice said. You'll be OK. Hang in there.

Southbay Girl said...

I feel like most of my runs are suck fests! And I whine a lot on my blog-isn't that what your own blog is for???

You will be FINE! Do not psyche yourself out!! You're ready!!!

Irish Cream said...

In my experience, a crappy run is usually followed by a great run. Hang in there--the next one will be better. And you know this, but you did the right thing with this workout. At this point, speed training isn't going to make much of a difference--it's best to take it easy rather than to push through and risk causing yourself more pain.

Lisa, your training for this marathon has been SOLID. I have continually been impressed and amazed with the things you have done. Know that this worrying is a result of taper madness, and if you start to doubt yourself, look back over your posts over the past few months--you have seriously rocked it! A few weeks with lighter mileage aren't going to undo that training! You've got this! Believe in yourself, girl! ;)


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