Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mojitos by the pool + HOT temperatures = CRAP run

We just returned from a mini-vacation in Palm Springs. Summer is well on its way there and it was over 100 all three days. It was incredibly relaxing. We spent the time out by the pool, under the misters, playing dominoes and drinking mojitos*.

I knew I needed to get at least one run in. I missed my Tuesday run. My shins were bothering me (DAMN these shin splints!!) and I had a million things to do. I planned to make it up on Thursday. My husband was going to join me for the first time ever and I was excited. We stayed up late Wednesday night playing board games and drinking even more mojitos, so I didn't get up very early Thursday. I am not sure if I drank any water on Wednesday. Yikes.

I got out of bed around 6:30. Kenny informed me that he wasn't coming with me because it was too hot. I slowly got ready, drank some water etc. I planned on running 5 easy miles. I didn't get out the door until after 7. It was already hot, especially in the sun (I am pretty sure it was over 80). It didn't take long for me to realize that I was already dehydrated. Not only that, but my shins were still hurting**.

I ran around the neighborhood where we were staying. I was having a hard time even getting my pace under 10:00. The running I did in the pool yesterday felt easier than the miles I ran on the road in that neighborhood (and they may have actually been faster). Shade was sporadic and I stopped several times in the shade just to catch my breath. Terri asked me a while back what the secret to running in the heat was. Well... I am here to tell you that I HAVE NO IDEA. It was at least 85 degrees when I finished. It was very dry (Palm Springs is in the desert) but I was sweating profusely, especially from my face. It was not good.

I ran three miles and was DONE. If I had pushed myself, I think I would have risked my health. I hadn't brought water with me, because I wasn't running far. Looking back, being that dehydrated was probably not my wisest decision. Later that day, I was hit by a migraine. I would be willing to bet that the two are related.

I was bummed because I felt like I really screwed up my week for running. Tomorrow is my last long run before the marathon. I can't believe that it is close to taper time already!! Yesterday, I tried to do some workouts in the pool (running laps across the width, jumping up bringing my knees to my chest, high knees, and keeping afloat in the deep end without using my arms). I also did some pushups and some arm exercises. It was a decent workout, but I doubt it made up for the eight miles that I skipped this week. SIGH. We'll see... maybe fresh legs will be a good thing tomorrow.

On a different topic, I watched my Tivo'd Biggest Loser. I loved that they had the contestants run a marathon. I was pretty amazed that Tara ran a sub-five hour marathon without specific training. Heck, her time was only a couple of minutes slower than my time. I trained for twenty weeks and she just lost 100+ pounds. Wow. And where did Helen get those pink arm warmers?? I want some!! I was really impressed that the oldest contestant, Ron, finished. It took him over thirteen hours to walk it, but he did it. I haven't really liked him as a contestant this season, but he earned some points for his determination.

Well, that's it for now. I hope all of you out there running races this weekend have a fabulous time. Happy running.

*My friend, Jen, makes the most amazing mojitos. The only time I ever drink them is on vacation with her. It is becoming symbolic of hanging out and enjoying the sunshine together with our families. Jen is afraid that she'll become known on my blog as the mojito gal and a bad influence. Will everyone forget that she was my running partner last year for the marathon? Will she get a reputation as a lush? Nah... Jen, it was an amazingly fun and relaxing few days. The mojitos were just icing on the cake. It is nice to indulge every once in a while and even better to do it with good friends! :-)
*I am starting to get VERY nervous about my last 20-miler tomorrow and the marathon in a few weeks.


AKA Alice said...

Ah yes...but what a great reason for a crappy run!

Hope you're having a wonderful Mom's Day!

Irish Cream said...

I agree--sometimes unwinding and relaxing is just as important as training--didn't Jillian teach us that on last week's episode of TBL? :)

Also, as a fellow arm-warmer lover, I have to recommend that you check out I just found it the other day (trouble, trouble!) and they have such an awesome selection of arm warmers--even bright pink!

Happy Mother's Day to you, mama! :)

Mama said...

Yeah, sometimes it's more important to have some fun with friends. The dehydration should be easy to fix and hopefully your shins will have appreciated the break and give you no issues during your long run.

MCM Mama

tgorourke said...

BTW, you have me wearing arm warmers now. Between Kara Goucher and you, how could I resist them and still call myself a gearhead? I love them in the morning when you know the temps can really change on your run with the sun rising.

For what it's worth, I think you did well in the ridiculous heat of the desert. If I was near Palm Springs, I'd probably have to run in the dark, all the time.


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