Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just a run

Sometimes a run is just a run. It's not a great run and it isn't a bad run. But, in my opinion, 'just a run' is a good thing. When you are fighting an injury and just trying to stay loose during taper, it is good to have an uneventful run.

I ran just under five miles yesterday. I kept the pace nice and easy. I don't think I even got faster than 9:30. It was definitely the right thing to do. My shins/calves felt pretty good yesterday and still do today. I think if I would have turned it into a tempo run like I was tempted to, I would feel it more today.

I will share a bit of a lesson with other non-expert Garmin users. I had my Garmin turned on while plugged into my computer. Yesterday, I grabbed it and ran out the door. When I started my run at the lake, I just hit start and went. It wasn't until I had run about a quarter mile that I noticed that it wasn't registering any distance, just time. It never hooked up to the satellites! I had to turn it off and then back on and wait and wait and wait for it to hook up with satellites. After all that, it counted that first portion of my run as the first lap. That totally screwed me up later, since I can't do math to save my life while I am running. It also counted that extra time without counting any distance. I learned that I need to double check the satellite connection before I start running.

I'm planning on doing an easy eight tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to it. Laura and I are meeting early and running along the big bay. It'll be our last run together until the marathon. We're running the marathon together and we have the same time goal, but we have an unspoken understanding that we are each running our own race. I wouldn't be surprised if she goes out a little bit faster than I do. We'll see. Hopefully, we are both on top of our game and can run the entire thing together, encouraging each other along the way. Either way, we're going to have fun!


Irene said...

I'm busting up over here, since you linked to AKA Alice's lake boy part post...

It's supposed to be mild out tomorrow, so I'm also hopeful for a nice, easy run. Enjoy your easy 8 around the bay. (I really like that route!) The track club will be running at UCSD, starting at RIMAC stadium.

Have a great weekend!

AKA Alice said...

Hahahahah...thanks for the link. That made me smile.

I love that 8 around the bay too. It's a nice easy route (flat as a pancake!)

Won't be long now...

Irish Cream said...

Arg! I've totally had that happen to me before with my garmin . . . and I SERIOUSLY cannot do math while I'm running either. It's ridiculous. But hey, it is GREAT news that you didn't have any shin/calf issues! Hooray for that! Hope the eight-miler went well!!

tgorourke said...

I don't know about the bit about having it turned on, but yes, you do need to make sure it's registered the satellites before you start. The one time I didn't, was in a hurry or whatever, it was off about .3 or .4 on distance, but had the correct time, so my pacing was totally off. So, I feel for ya.

You know what, if Laura takes off faster than you, that's alright. Let her run out fast. Go your own pace. But you don't need me telling you that. You already know.


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