Sunday, May 24, 2009

Additional goals for Rock-n-Roll 2009

Last week, I wrote about my goals for the marathon. These goals focused on time and results. I had an epiphany on my run yesterday morning. This is my second marathon and I know a bit about what to expect. I have done the training and will run what my body can handle that day. I have decided to try to not obsess about time and to focus on enjoying myself. If I have fun, the time goals are secondary and won't consume me.

Here is a list of some goals for Sunday:
  • Smile
  • Inspire at least two other people to smile
  • Thank at least one volunteer at each water/aid station
  • Strike up a conversation with at least one other runner (this might prove a little harder than last year, since we were at such a slower pace last year)
  • High five at least ten kids along the route
  • Think about my kids any time I feel negativity sneaking in (just thinking of my daughter asking me every run if I am running a marathon makes me smile)
  • Sing along to at least part of one song (either on my iPod or from one of the bands)
  • Dance a little (especially if a band plays"YMCA" or something equally as cheesy)
  • Say "woo hoo" (or something equally as cheery) at least twice (ok... these last few are pretty silly, but I want to make sure I don't become too serious through all this)
Happy Running everyone!!


AKA Alice said...

I think that at least once (probably at the beginning, when you're in the corrals) you need to "mooooo" at least once...just for me :-). It'll completely make the people around you laugh! Some will join in!

What corral are you in?

I love your goals. I honestly believe you are going to have just an awesome run!

Irene said...

LOL @ AKA Alice. Moo in a corral.

It should be easy to high five more than 10 kids along the way. You'll probably high five at least 50, especially if you go past a group of really young cheerleaders.

Great list!

jillwillrun said...

LOVE these goals... I should try to incorporate a goal list like this when I run races. Races should be fun, especially when it's a Rock 'n' Roll one!

Tara said...

i love your goals - what a great idea and clever way of staying energized.

Irish Cream said...

Those are some awesome goals, Lisa! I think sometimes we get so caught up with time goals that we forget to have fun . . . it's REALLY important to do so, or else running starts to feel like a chore. I agree that you're going to have an AWESOME race! :)

tgorourke said...

Awesome goals, Lisa. And if your body feels good that day and wants to really race and make your platinum goals, do some of the talking ones early on in the race.

I like how you want to slap kids hands - kind of like Ryan Hall, another awesome runner.

Your daughter sounds so cute.

Mama said...

Great goals! I must have high fived 100s during my marathon. It was the one thing that kept me moving in the middle miles.

LOL at your daughter. My 3 year old always asks me if I won when I return from a run.

MCM Mama

aron said...

have a great time and good luck!!!!

pchieng said...

Those are good goals. It seems like everybody is going to be running the RnR this weekend. Good luck!


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