Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ready to go!!

I strolled around the huge expo, wishing I had disposable income. I could have done some damage today. I saw compression socks I wanted, races I wanted to sign up for and cute running outfits. The marathon has the cutest finisher's singlet this year! It was fun and we did score plenty of samples. The kids came with us, so they were all about trying smoothies, juice etc.

The shirt is great! Last year they gave us a disappointing white cotton t-shirt. This year it is a pretty blue technical shirt. Yay! Even the bib is better this year. Last year was a plain blue and white bib and this year is a nice San Diego skyline. I can't wait to see the medal!

I have laid everything out and I think I am ready to go. I still need to go over my checklist. I haven't decided if I will be wearing my hat or my visor. On one hand, if it rains a bit (like it did today), the hat will keep my head dry. On the other hand, the visor is way better for keeping my sunglasses on my head. And, if it gets warm later, it is cooler. I think I might wear my arm warmers. Today it was downright chilly. I figure that I can hand off the arm warmers to Kenny near the half way point, if they get warm.

Not shown in the picture are my iPod, Garmin, and fuel belt. I am such a gear head! I am bringing five Gu's, chapstick, Tylenol and my phone. Holy moly!

I couldn't find the live results area (maybe they aren't offering that this year?), but I did find the live broadcast: and coverage: Maybe they'll have something tomorrow. If you didn't catch it in the photo, my bib number is 6053.

We are starting in corral #4! I am a little nervous about that. When I put my estimated finish time of 3:59, I was put in corral #6. Laura wanted to get close to the start this year and estimated her finish as 3:30. She was placed in corral #2. I really want to start with her, but I DON'T want to start with people in the second corral. We split the difference and I moved up to #4. I am going to be very careful not to get caught up in the 3:40-3:45 madness at the beginning. The good news is that I'll have a better chance of seeing a '3' on the clock when I finish.

Ok... a few last minute things and I am going to try to go to bed. I slept HORRIBLY last night and hope I will get some sleep tonight. If not, I may need an extra Espresso Love Gu...

Thanks for all the well-wishes. I can't wait to update everyone!!


AKA Alice said...

I hope you're in bed by this time...I'll look for you in the AM. You're gonna be awesome! Can't wait!!!

tgorourke said...

Ok, so weird, I didn't see this post until this morning even though I checked your page yesterday. Huh?

Anyway, I love that you are a gearhead. It's one of the reasons we get along so well. LOL.

I think that was a smart move that you moved up to corral 4. I'm sure a lot of folks in corral 6 were overestimating their own times and you would have ended up weaving and weaving at the beginning.


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