Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tough Chik Tuesday

As I posted last week, I am going to start featuring other athletes each week to get a new perspective. We all are different and all have our stories, but are connected in one way or another. I am connected to most of you and to my guest posters by running and fitness. Tuesdays I will feature someone from Team Tough Chik, a great group of women that I have been so excited to get to know.

Today’s guest post is from Michelle.  She writes a blog at Carpenter’s Corner.

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What Makes Me A Tough Chik
michelle carp guest postLet’s be honest. I don’t think I’m the poster child for “Tough Chik”.

I consider myself on the training roster. Oh sure. I’ve battled trials and tribulations in life—the loss of my dear friend to cancer, alcoholism, unemployment and depression. But that’s all in the past. I feel fortunate that I’m not fighting for my life, that I have a loving husband, healthy children and a good job; a warm bed, a roof over my head, good friends and a full belly. And through all the bad and good, I’ve got this wonderful body that has carried me many miles through life.

I’m learning to push my body to places I’ve never been. My goal is that at the end of this life, people reflect on me and think “That was one TOUGH CHIK”. I don’t think that I’ve pushed my body to the depths of tough. I keep pushing the envelope and keep watching my potential grow. That’s a pretty cool feeling.
I signed up for Tough Chik because it is what I want to aspire to be. It’s a good reminder of why I work hard. I had no idea when I signed up that I would be welcomed into a community of other women. Really! I thought I was buying cute clothes and supporting a great cause. Instead, I have gained MORE running friends. And what once were taboo words in my vocabulary….swimming and cycling, are becoming a little warmer thanks to many of YOU. Do I hear a TRI in my future? Hmmmm. But first up, is Boston baby!

Training for any marathon, especially Boston reminds me of what makes me need to strive to be a Tough Chik. Balancing a full time job, a husband and two kids, a household and other “big girl” commitments takes up a large part of my day. I’m not an early morning runner because my husband works nights and is just going to bed at 3 a.m. I treasure those few hours we have together. I fit my run in at night, when I can. It is what it is. On the weekends, my family commits to Sunday mornings without me so I can get my long run in. We all make it work…for my sanity and theirs!

In the past, I’ve trained alone or with my dad who bikes with me. As I’ve become more comfortable in my running skin, I’m learning to embrace running with other people. Joining Tough Chik was a good way to help me find enjoyment in running with a group. I’ve learned a lot, been pushed a lot and have encouraged others a lot, too. This is a new place for me and I love it. I recently wrote a post about “Where It All Began” and I can’t believe where I am now!

So thanks for allowing me this opportunity. You ladies continually inspire me with your enthusiasm, honesty and athleticism. I can hardly wait to meet you on the road ahead. Push on, Tough Chiks
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Thank you, Tough Chik, Michelle!  Happy Running!

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I will have to go check out her blog. Yay for tough chiks!


Yea for tough chiks!! I look forward to reading her blog. Erica


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