Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More AFC stuff....

Time- 2:04:37
Pace- 9:31
10K Split- 54:58
Overall Place: 2439/6474
Sex Place: 845/3335
Division Place: 95/412

I feel a little bit better about my time seeing that I am in the top 25% of my age group and pretty close to top 25% for women. I am also well into the top third overall. In the grand scheme of things, even though I didn't make my goal, I did pretty darn well! My husband reminds me that it gives me something to work towards. That's just what I need to get motivated :-)

Here is a picture (snapped with my phone) of Alissa (from Balancing Act) and me. It was really cool meeting her. I felt like I already knew her from reading her blog for these past months.

And a couple pics of my friend, Laura, and I. We didn't mean to wear matching tops. LOL

You can see I am the gadget girl!! I have my hydration pack, my Garmin, my iPod with the Nike+ attachment. Laura carried one of her Gu's in her hand for half the race! Since she came in nearly 5 minutes ahead of me, maybe she's on to something. LOL.

Here are some pictures from the race photographer. They aren't super high quality because I am linking them through the photo site. If I get better quality pics, I'll update. The first one is the 10K mark, I think.

This one was taken moments before I finally found my porta potty. It's a cool backdrop for a picture. Too bad it brings back bad memories. Oh well... it's only a memory now ;-)
And the last one is the finish line. I look pretty happy to finish.


MCM Mama said...

Great pics! I'm have to admit that I'm LOLing at the fact that the awesome pic with the sails in the background will always bring back a certain memory.

Good job on your run. I'm a gadget girl as well LOL.

RunnerMom said...

If that's the Target Champion pink top, that's also what my "twin" and I had on during our race on Saturday. Funny!

You did awesome and your hubby is right! Now you have a time to beat in the next race.

I have yet to run again on the course where my body betrayed me a few weeks ago. Like you said, bad memories!

Alissa said...

Sorry this comment is late getting to you. Those pictures are great, except I look like a ghost next to your so cal tan! I actually thought the pic would look worse than that. I felt like a wet dog from sweating so much!

It was so fun to meet you and no you didn't take me away from the finish line festival at all. I've seen plenty of those. Please pass along my thank yous again to Laura for the ride. That was just a lifesaver.

The rest of the vacation was so nice. Spent some time just laying on the beach and relaxing and spending time with some good friends.

By the way, congrats on such a great finish time! You are definitly getting faster. Dosen't that feel good? Lets meet up at another race again soon! Next time, I'll have a car, I promise :)

Anonymous said...

great pictures! And you are not alone in being a gadget woman (i wear the pink camelbak, enough said...)

Laura said...

Great job and great pics! I totally agree wit ht egadget comments... this weekend when I was packing for Wyoming, I realized just how much stuff there is to bring to a race.


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