Saturday, February 23, 2008

I think I am actually going to do it....

I have told people. Now I am writing it down. There is no turning back. I am going to run the 2008 San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon! *gulp*

On some days it seems like it will happen for sure. I have a great group of women to train with. We have a solid, gradual training program. I am determined. This is my time to do this! On other days--especially those days when six miles seems like a task-- I am not so sure that I can be one of 1% who complete 26.2 miles. The other day, after getting over a nasty virus and sinus infection, I ran six miles and thought, "holy crap... how can I do this more than three more times??"

We are going to run the Resolution Run 15K on March 8. I really think that will be an important race for me. If I feel good afterwards, I will have a lot of confidence. If it works me, then I am not sure what I'll do. Regroup, I guess. Nine miles is farther than I have ever run. It is less than half the distance of my ultimate goal.

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