Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mini vacation, cross-training and a good run

All in all, a good weekend.

I joined my girlfriend and running partner, Jen, at her sister's lake house in Canyon Lake. We went in April and had a great time, but the weather was SO much nicer this time around. The biggest bummer was that Kenny couldn't go with us. The kids certainly had a good time, even though they missed Daddy. We didn't go for any runs like we did last time. Part of me was a little bummed. I have positive memories of that tough 14 mile run we did. There are a LOT of hills around there and I didn't think it was super smart considering this nagging pain I have in my IT band/hamstring that I can't seem to shake. I did waterski on Friday and Saturday, which isn't too great for my hamstrings either, but it certainly was fun. I look at it as good cross-training. I have sore muscles in my back, my arms and my legs.

This morning I ran 8.5 miles with Laura. I do believe I am getting faster (sorry, Terri)! I thought that it would be a relatively slow run because a) I am sore from waterskiing b) I was REALLY tired from not getting a heck of a lot of sleep lately and c) I am still recovering from an abundance of Jen's yummy mojitos. But I kept up with Laura and even carried on a conversation for most of the way. We averaged just over 9-minute-miles!! I am thrilled.

After going to a friend's 40th birthday BBQ and pool party (yet another one of us bites the dust), I am sore and dead tired. Is it ok to just make everyone Lean Cuisine for dinner?????

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Anonymous said...

My god, yes, lean cuisine is just fine!

Seriously, though, how are you increasing your speed now? What are you doing differently? You said you didn't do speed work while training for the marathon, right?


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