Saturday, June 14, 2008

Starting to get Olympic fever!

I know it is almost two months away, but I am already excited. I wasn't as into it in 2004 (we had just moved into our house, I was working crazy hours etc.). I think we'll be an Olympic family this time.

We went to the Olympic Trials for BMX cycling today and it really got me fired up. To see these "kids" putting so much into these races was pretty inspiring. When the woman sung the National Anthem, I actually got tears in my eyes. Kenny is really into biking and LOVES the BMX guys. I admit, it was pretty fun to watch. The coolest thing is that this Olympics is the first time this is a medal event. There was a lot of excitement in the air.

Since taking up running, I am also more excited as a spectator this time around. I WISH I could go to Eugene the end of this month to see the Track and Field Trials. We should have planned better! The Trials will be at Hayward Field, which is so close to the dorm where I lived for two quarters during my freshman year at the University of Oregon. How cool would it be to reminisce about my college days while rubbing shoulders with running greats? I can't believe that I spent four years in Track Town USA and never really got into running. I remember going through a couple of spells where I would start to run, but I don't think I ever ran more than two or three miles at a time and I never got past running in the rain. In Oregon, if you don't run in the rain, you don't run. Period.

How did I go to the same school as running greats Steve Prefontaine and Alberto Salazar (who only graduated eight years before I did) and not get awe-inspired as I looked at that field? I suppose I was more awe-inspired at the time by graduates like Ken Kesey (a little more my style during those college years).
I know this wasn't really about my running. However, just watching and thinking about Olympic athletes gets me pumped up. I am excited to go do a run tomorrow. I just hope that I have bounced back from this virus and can run a decent run.

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