Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lessons learned...

So what did I learn from my first marathon?

1) I am not one of those people who says "never again." I think another one might be in my future. In fact, at this point I would be surprised if I didn't run another one. I do know that if I run one again, I will do some fundraising. I did this one for myself and no one else. I felt a little guilty about that. Several blogs I read (Middle-of-the-Pack-Girl and Balancing Act and others) are written by runners running with Team in Training. When I saw all those purple Team in Training shirts during the race, I really got inspired by them. It was great when the shirts had pictures or names. A couple even brought tears to my eyes. My friend, Danielle, from Stroller Strides had leukemia when she was a teenager. I thought of her battle quite a bit during that run. I thought about how I could have been running in her honor.

One of the things I am considering is talking Kenny into taking a family vacation to Florida and running in the National Breast Cancer Marathon in Jacksonville. I would feel really good fundraising for breast cancer. I have also thought about doing the 3 day walk, but I think I would rather run. While I haven't personally been touched by breast cancer, I know so many people who have. I have two close friends who have lost their mothers. I have another friend who lost his sister. I have a daughter who I never want to lose a mother or to fight the disease herself.

2) The second, minor thing is that I will carry my own water next time. Yes, there is plenty of water along the way. However, I actually drink better from my water bottle. I feel like I have to gulp water from cups, but I can drink at a nicer pace out of a bottle. Once I started needing Gu and such, I had to really think about where the next water would be. I can't do those gels etc. without having water close at hand or it just sits there. I want to be able to eat when I want to eat and not have to time it with the water stations. Lisa carried one bottle with her and she refilled it at several water stops. I think that might be the way to go. It doesn't take any more time than stopping to walk in order to drink the water in cups.

3) Another minor thing is to get better lip balm w/ SPF or carry it with me. I put some on before the race, but by the time it ended my lips were TOAST. It is really small compared to my legs and the cold I had afterwards, but it is also easily avoided.

4) I will not stress out about when Kenny and the kids arrive at the starting line. I put a lot of importance on the fact that Kenny and the kids be there when I finish. It stressed me out to think of them not being there which put a lot of pressure on Kenny. I didn't realize that the finish line activities all happen in an area where families aren't allowed. It was probably 25 minutes after I crossed the finish line before I saw them. I do believe that Kenny was able to video tape me crossing, which was very cool (hopefully, there will be a clip forthcoming... he gets secretive about his videos before he edits them). Don't get me wrong... they were the first people I wanted to see, it just took me a while to get to them.

5) I am really glad I carried my cell phone. It didn't add too much weight but I was able to find out from Kenny exactly where he was and look for them. After what Laura went through with missing her family at mile 12, I am glad I had my phone.

OK... I think that is it for now. I am sure there are more, but I can't think of them right now. Maybe if I actually get out there and RUN, more will come to me. I am itching to hit the pavement again. I just need to get over this crud. I need to be able to breathe....


tgorourke said...

Lisa, I will SO SPONSOR you if you run for breast cancer. I wrote on my blog about my friend Cheryl - she died from breast cancer, which spread to her liver, which spread to her lungs, which spread to her brain. Even though she didn't have a blood cancer, I am running for her this October.

sorry, it's a huge URL. Her name is going on my shirt, without a doubt.

tgorourke said...

I forgot to mention. You have no reason to feel guilty. To be honest, I think it would be so much harder to train on your own to get through this. I think you should be very proud of yourself for getting through this on your own, with your friends.

Jill said...

I found you via a comment you left on the 'Marathon Moms' blog on Runners World...

I did my first marathon in January, the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll in Phoenix. I, too, was touched by all the Team In Training people there, on the course and on the sidelines. And because of that, I just signed up to run the San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll with them. It's exciting!

I have done several short runs for breast cancer support, I think it's awesome that there are so many opportunities for us to run for good causes!

Lisa said...

Terri, thank you for sharing that post. It had me in tears. You must have written that before you found your "following" of bloggers since there aren't any comments.

Jill, thanks for dropping by. I love "meeting" other runners and hearing their stories.


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