Thursday, June 26, 2008

Western States 100 Mile Race cancelled....

Not that I have anything to do with this race by any stretch of my imagination... LOL. I read a blog of an ultra runner, Scott Dunlap, and have been following his journey toward this huge running accomplishment. The Western States Endurance Run looks like a meeting of the best of the best that challenges ultra athletes to the extreme. I am in awe of the people who train for and race in this.

Well... it has been cancelled. The wildfires in Northern California have made it unsafe to proceed with the 100 mile race. Apparently, the fires are too close for comfort and the race cuts off some critical access roads. In addition, the health risks to the runners (as well as volunteers and staff) is much too great. If you have ever been around wildfires, you know how bad the air quality can be. Last fall during the wildfires here, we couldn't go outside for a week. They closed schools simply because of the poor air quality. Even after the fires were well under control, they warned against strenuous exercise outside.

I can't imagine how disappointed these runners are. If the RNR marathon had been cancelled at the last minute, it would have taken all the wind out of my sails. Everyone was already in Tahoe for the pre-race festivities as well as acclimatization to the altitude. I doubt if any ultra trail runners read my blog, but I wanted to give them all a shout out and hope that they can utilize the hours and hours of training (Scott did the Boston Marathon as a training run) in a fun way.


chris said...

Although I can't imagine ever running that kind of distance, I feel for these guys. I couldn't imagine putting in all of that training time for one huge race--the kind of race that doesn't happen that often--only to find that it has been canceled at the last minute.

Anonymous said...

A local running shop posted on their blog about the cancellation. There's a big race here this weekend called "Run With the Devil" (the marathon and 50 Miler take place in the middle of the day in the desert heat!). The race organizers are offering displaced Western States 100 runners a 50% last minute discount so they have something to do.

I can't imagine training for something like that, but I also can't imagine the huge disappointment if it was canceled at the last minute!

Anonymous said...

lisa, that's the race that my brother wants to eventually try to run! i can't imagine how disappointed those folks are.

i tried to comment on your blog while i was gone, but was typing with thumbs on bill's phone and it wouldn't accept it through. i wanted to say that you rocked! on your 10K race. My God! I wish I was as fast as you! congratulations!


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