Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reebok Crossfit: my first WOD

After the Warrior Dash, I was able to participate in a Crossfit WOD (workout of the day).  I was there to enjoy that great day thanks to Reebok and their Crossfit Box.

I changed into a dry shirt (my race shirt from the Warrior Dash which is one of the best race shirts ever!), but still had on my muddy shorts. I still had mud on my hat and in my pig tails. The best part of my post-race outfit was my new pair of Reeboks!  I was so thankful for these, since I donated my incredibly muddy shoes (this was their second mud run).
And look how PRETTY they are!! I squealed like a little girl when I opened the box.  Chris, from Reebok, must have thought I was crazy. I don't think he appreciated the pretty pink color as much as I did.

I was really nervous about the WOD. I have seen Crossfit workouts, I know people (strong people) who do Crossfit workouts...and my fitness has suffered a bit this summer.  My legs are fine from running, but I have really ignored my upper body these past few months. I am a fitness professional (albeit on a bit of a leave of absence) and it would be embarrassing if I couldn't complete the workout.

The workout ended up being pretty straight forward. After getting a brief rundown of the exercises [kettlebell swing, air squats, sit ups and push ups], I began.
I felt good with the kettlebell swings. In retrospect, I should have gone with the bigger bell. Being nervous, I accepted the smallest bell for the workout. I have a couple kettlebells...I need to dig them out and start using them again!)

The air squats were no problem. I must have been doing them fast because Elena from Reebok couldn't catch me in the bottom position. ;-) Trust me, I got my booty down below parallel!

I was nervous about the sit ups, since I haven't done much core work lately, but I knocked them out. Check out those feet...they stayed flat on the ground!
It was the push ups that I struggled with. The first set of ten was fine.  By the time I hit the third round, I was struggling.  I felt the after-effects of the push ups the next few days!

It was the perfect workout. After running 3.2 hard Warrior miles, I am not sure how long of a workout I could have done.  This workout lasted 3:54 minutes.  I had hoped for a little better time.  The best of the day was 2:16. The cool thing about this kind of workout is that I can do it at home. I will do it again and improve that time!

It was a great end to a great race experience. And all this before noon!!  I definitely felt like a warrior!!

I spent the rest of the day enjoying the gorgeous Rocky Mountains with my family.

Thanks, Reebok  for the opportunity for such a great weekend.   I felt like I was able to really #getafterit!!


ash & diz said...

Yay! Love that you did a CrossFit WOD! I got a pair of those Reebok's too, but mine are purple!


Looks like a blast! Erica

Miz said...

those shoes would git even ME to crossfit :-)

MegG said...

Great shoes! I love that Reebok is holding WODs at these events now, so much fun! Don't worry about going too light on the KB, it's better to learn on a light one and then move up! Way to go!!

Elle said...

Hey I would do CROSSFIT after a run for a pair of those hot pink shoes!

Nice post and I am so interested in learning more about CROSSFIT. Thanks for sharing.

pay per head said...

I think that it is great that Reebok does that kind of things to promote its brand but also it is nice to get that kind to gears.

Shane Lapan said...

I love Reebok shoes! they have a good design and comfortable to my feet.

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