Tuesday, June 26, 2012

new chapter, new blog, new life

My family is moving to Colorado!

My husband's job has us moving to Fort Collins, Colorado. The movers have come. The truck is loaded. We are on our way.

I will have to start my business over, find new friends, find new places to run (and people to run with ).I will also be relaunching my website and my blog. A client has been coming up with an entirely new look and has talked me into hosting my blog on mom2marathon.com. There are exciting things coming up in July!

For now, I am just going to enjoy our road trip. We are taking the long way, driving up through Oregon.
Follow my journey on Twitter and Instagram. Look for @momtomarathon.

This post was written on my brand new tablet, so bear with me on any typos etc. while I figure this thing out.


Elle said...

how exciting for you and your family.

love moving and new adventures and exploring new places.

have a great time and enjoy your journey.

Lindsay said...

Hope the travels were safe! I think I saw pics on FB of the fam hiking in CO so I think you made it in one piece :)


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