Friday, June 29, 2012


Part of our journey to a new life is a stop by the past. Sometimes going back can be awfully therapeutic.

We decided to pretty much double our mileage when I suggested driving to Colorado by way of Oregon. It was so worth it. We hadn't been here in years and I wanted my kids to spend time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and, of course, cousins. It has been a really nice couple of days in the middle of the road trip.

This stop also allowed me to run with an old friend. Angel
and I were friends in high school and early college. When she left UofO our sophomore year, we pretty much lost touch. We reconnected a couple of years ago. We didn't reconnect over the "glory days" of high school, but the fact that we both had taken up running. Since then, we have virtually cheered each other on for numerous marathons, given each other a quick hug at Hood to Coast and gone on a nice run a few years ago. So when she suggested going for a run yesterday morning, it was a no brainer. One of the nice  things about an early morning run is that you are usually back before the bulk of the household has started the day.

I haven't run in nearly a week and my body is pretty stiff from sitting in a car for 1100 miles, so that five miles felt great. Neither one of us felt physically 100%, but we sure did enjoy it.

I am ready to take on the  second half of the road trip. This morning we set off across eastern Oregon into Idaho, making our way to Colorado.

Happy Running.

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Lindsay said...

How cool! My favorite part is the new running-commonality you share. Love this story all around :)


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